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We Win Our Fifth Master Title with

  • Constantin Ettinghausen

We are incredibly proud and grateful! At yesterday's Best of Swiss Web Award Night, we received the Master Buoy for the relaunch of together with CSS Insurance and One Inside.

After 2012, 2016, 2018 and 2020, we picked up this coveted award for the best Swiss web project for the 5th time. We want to celebrate this moment. That's why we're revisiting our 5 master projects and reflecting on what unites the project teams behind these successes.

What connects us

What is it that connects project teams that go above and beyond, such as the one involved in the relaunch of, which I was able to accompany as account manager? It is the shared fascination for the digital and the irrepressible will to create something unique that inspires users. I am always amazed at how the teams form after the start of the project: Growing together is a process, the experts from several partners become a project team. The different skills, competences and personalities gradually merge into one big whole – across company boundaries.

We are incredibly proud to be part of such project teams and to set a sign together. We would like to thank all those involved for their enormous commitment and dedication! – Master of Swiss Web 2021

The new digital platform is revolutionising CSS marketing: It is journey-based, pull- instead of push-oriented, data-driven, relevant. It cleverly connects channels, content and services along the customer journey – according to the paradigm „context matters“.

The journey-based approach also impressed the jury and the audience. The joint work with One Inside was awarded 1x silver, 2x bronze and finally even the Master of Swiss Web in the public vote!

The new CSS website convinces with relevant content and services. The visitors find their way efficiently to the content via a very focused page structure, which remains consistent up to the last level. The texts are formulated in a comprehensible way, which reinforces the good usability of the website. Personalised and smart self-services support the users in their dialogue. This leads to more potential deals, higher conversion rates and less effort.

We heartily congratulate the entire project team on this well-deserved award. Your commitment, your expertise and the trustful interaction with each other are impressive. – Master of Swiss Web 2020 is enthusiastic about Switzerland as a travel destination – and managed to convince the BoSW jury and last night the audience in the Samsung Hall in Dübendorf: the Master, 3x Gold, 2x Silver and 1x Bronze. Switzerland Tourism's extensive platform accompanies travellers from inspiration to information and planning. It creates a world of experience into which users are immersed thanks to impressive images, virtual reality elements and authentic soundscapes.

Innovations do not come about in a quiet little room, but in internal interdisciplinary exchange and in cooperation with our agencies. Normally - as is usual in agile projects - many iterations and prototypes are necessary until a function has matured. – Master of Swiss Web 2020 – Master of Swiss Web 2020 – Master of Swiss Web 2018

In addition to gold in the usability category, we won the coveted master's title in 2018 together with SBB. After 2012, was thus awarded the title of "Master of Swiss Web" for the second time. With this fundamental relaunch, SBB meets the demands of modern travellers. The website gives users access to SBB's comprehensive services - from all terminals and without loss of information. This project was also a joint effort: experts from SBB, Unic, One Inside Switzerland and heimoto were on board at the time.

Over the two-year project period, around 100 people were involved. 10-20% of them were external employees of our partners. However, there was no noticeable difference between external and internal staff. Everyone pulled together and worked hand in hand.

Review of the project – Master of Swiss Web 2018 – Master of Swiss Web 2018 – Master of Swiss Web 2016

Swiss Post wanted to move away from an internal to a customer perspective as early as 2016: instead of many individual online platforms with different logins, we created a uniform access for all services. The focus was on a user-friendly, barrier-free user interface that makes all information easy to find. Swiss Post was thus able to measure the customer journey and thus improve continuously. In 2016, for example, won the Master's title and gold in the usability category.

The structure of the old postal portal was strongly based on the internal view. Customer needs were to be placed more in the centre and the relevant content made more accessible. In addition, the implementation of a good measurement system enables us to evaluate and optimise the customer journey continuously.

In the meantime, we have once again completely overhauled the postal portal - and very successfully so, as the profit balance of yesterday's BoSW evening shows!

Review of the project – Master of Swiss Web 2016 – Master of Swiss Web 2016 – Master of Swiss Web 2012 was already able to take delivery of the master buoy in 2012 under the motto "the station on the Internet". The integration of 25 platforms created a new mobility and travel portal that consistently focuses on all customer needs relating to a journey. The website was developed by Namics, Maxomedia and Unic.

We have received an amazing amount of positive feedback. Many have congratulated us on our courage to defend and further develop the proven approach.

Review of the project  – Master of Swiss Web 2012 – Master of Swiss Web 2012