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A Sustainable Foundation

CSS is constantly communicating with its customers to better understand them and the context of their activities. It is keenly aware of its customers’ individual needs and provides content and services designed to help them reach their goals as quickly as possible. The new website is built on a stable foundation. Designed with Vision 2025 in mind, it is highly flexible and can grow to meet future requirements and demands.

Identifying User Intent

Understanding the context in which users operate and identifying their needs is key to remaining a step ahead. This information can be gathered from various sources: clicks and searches, user profiles, times of day, current events, or communication with a conversational user interface. CSS uses this information to engage its users and provide them with relevant information.

A Variety of Methods

In keeping with the concept of human-centred design, we applied various research methods throughout the project to broaden our understanding of each user. Our aim was to identify what influences users, what they are hoping to use the website for and how they assess new insurance policies. CSS personas were actively verified and refined using field research.

Journey-based User Experience

The website provides users with continuous support on their journeys, regardless of their objectives. Rather than spending time and effort finding the relevant information themselves, users are guided to their goals. Using the content model, which encompasses all structural elements and components, each page identifies the next best click. This sequence was then mapped onto the website.

Focussing on Needs Instead of Products

During the relaunch, the product-centric push model had to make way for a needs-oriented pull model. CSS wants to engage its users by providing relevant content and answering their questions before marketing suitable products with the context in mind. Thanks to data-driven content marketing, CSS is quick to recognise user trends and provide high-quality content.

Sia – Always at your Side

Sia, the conversational user interface, aims to guide users to their goals as quickly as possible and welcomes users with the words: “I’m here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I’m a mouse-click away.” Sia takes into account the user journey up to that point and the current context. Sia can proactively communicate with the user and is always ready to provide support. Pre-defined possible responses quickly nudge the communication with the user in the right direction. And Sia is always learning. The first user stories have been mapped, others are being modelled and implemented.

Clear and Intuitive

Text, speech and images are clearly designed to meet users’ needs and provide benefits. This is reflected in the navigation which identifies the three main user objectives: “Properly Insured”, “Quick and Easy” and “My Health”. Calls to action are not reduced to simple instructions such as “Next”, but are phrased meaningfully: “Check Now”.

Personalisation Toolbox

The first self-learning personalisation features and mechanisms have been integrated into the website. For example, the teaser elements on the blog are modified to each individual situation. Following the relaunch, CSS now has the basis and technical toolbox required to map additional use cases using personalisation.

Co-creation Brings People Together

The principle of Co-Creation was key to every phase of the project, bringing in different perspectives from different disciplines. By working so closely together, the project team developed a shared culture, understanding and way of communicating.

The new platform charts a new course for our digital touchpoints. The go-live date doesn’t signal the end of the journey. We’re just getting started.

Marcel Engelberger
Head of Digital Marketing at CSS

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User Experience

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User Research

Do you know your customers? Do you know their needs, why they are on your website and what they want to do there? With our User Research you will find not only the answers to these questions. This tool is also a condition for you to offer true added value to your customers on your website.

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January 2020Lorenzo Mutti

The Principle of Prevolution

It is only by having smart user interfaces that valuable interactions can take place that "understand" customers on their journeys and support them in the best possible way. CSS Insurance wants to be one step ahead of its customers. To do so, it needs to know where its customers are and offer them useful options as they move forward.

The Principle of Prevolution

Lorenzo Mutti

January 2020Unic

Understanding the Users of Research Methods and Findings

To design a responsive, relevant and user-centered web portal for CSS Insurance, it was essential to understand the users’ goals. Who visits And what do visitors want to do on the website?

Understanding the Users of Research Methods and Findings


You need Co-creation for intelligent user interfaces – Unic

November 2019Nicole Buri

Space for Something New, Intelligent and Unique

CSS aims to offer users a unique experience in the digital world: intelligent services that support users on their journey. To arrive at intelligent solutions, the approach to digital projects must be entirely different.

Space for Something New, Intelligent and Unique

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Chatting to SIA – How Do You Create an Intelligent Conversational UI?

CSS has developed SIA together with Unic – a Conversational User Interface that is much more than a conventional chatbot.

Chatting to SIA – How Do You Create an Intelligent Conversational UI?

Nicole Buri

Contact for your Digital Solution with Unic

Are you keen too discuss your digital tasks with us? We would be happy to exchange ideas with you: Jörg Nölke and Gerrit Taaks (from left to right).