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Experience mobility up close

“Anything for your mobility”: This is the motto of the Swiss Railways. Users of the company’s new website are offered all the comfort in responsive design. SBB meets all of the clients’ expectations following the principle of Mobile and User First. Clients do not have to give up on anything: All services are independent from the device and accessible at all times. Clients who plan their journey will find detailed information and all they need to know about travelling with SBB on the new website. With a new and extensive world of images, travellers will be taken on an inspiring digital journey into the world of wonders even before they get on the train.

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The optimum user experience

The client is at the heart of the relaunch. The individual sites have been clearly structured and radically simplified in order to make the navigation through SBB offering easier. A platform has been created along the client needs to provide a consistent and varied user experience and contribute to client loyalty.

Intuitive navigation with Next-Best-Click

Users navigate through content using deep links, cross links and functional breadcrumbs. The user is guided in an intuitive manner along information search or reservation process using the Next-Best-Click Module (NBC). By clicking on a visual NBC-element, users get access to the relevant information.

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All important information just one click away

Users will find all details about the railway stations, services and travel information in the newly designed area called “Railway Stations and Services”. Thanks to the clear presentation, users can see the individual railway stations, as well as the shops and service providers operating there. Users can quickly find the right offer using the new filter function.

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Brand Experience at its best

The user experience will become brand experience: The digital presentation focuses on the client needs and puts the use case, or the timetable enquiry, at the centre. Thanks to the website and the service design anchored therein, SBB reinforces its brand, its image and customer loyalty, both online and offline.

Inspire and arouse emotions

Clients can find inspiration and unique offers for their next trip in the section called “Leisure and Holidays”. This section was also completely restructured during the relaunch, and it offers clients information and tips for day trips, group travel and events. The varied pictures appeal to the emotions of the visitors.

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Thanks to our cooperation with Unic, we can set ourselves up in a customer-oriented and modern way in the digital world.

Christof Zogg
Director for Digital Business, SBB AG

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