We Celebrate 25 Years

We humanise the digital.

Every employee is an important piece in the puzzle. We develop our solutions collaboratively, bringing in all disciplines. Different perspectives expand our horizons, spark creativity, and make us strong. And they make us, our digital projects and our customers successful.

To me, Unic is not just a team of professionals, but also a safe environment, where we all laugh together.

Michel Dennler
Senior Project Manager since 2009, Unic

We humanise the digital.

Our People Make Us What We Are

We are celebrating our silver anniversary. What has been the most important constant over these 25 years? Our interactions with others and our unrivalled commitment, which have shaped Unic from day one. Countless people have been a part of Unic’s journey. They have made Unic what it is today and created some very memorable stories along the way.


25 stories for 25 years of Unic

Stories of our employees

Our people at Unic tell their personal stories. From our servers, which had to be rescued with rubber boats during the floods in Bern, to misunderstandings during pitches due to dialect, to life and death.

Cléa Fierz

It was clear to us that we had to have the best people on the market in our project, and these people are at Unic.

Bruno Spicher
Head of SBB.ch for the 2018 relaunch

Writing Web History Together

Over the past two and a half decades, we have been able to contribute to a wonderful part of Swiss and German web history. We had a front-row seat at the fast-paced evolution of the digital cosmos, learning many valuable lessons – some of them the hard way. The one thing we never compromised on was fostering a long-term, respectful relationship with our customers. Some companies such as SBB, Swiss Post, BEKB and Jura have been with us for more than 20 years. We always aim to keep communication lines open and to communicate on an equal footing.

Nicole BuriSeptember 2021

21 Years of Unic and JURA

In 21 years of working together, we have implemented countless projects, discussed ideas and initiated thoughts for JURA Elektroapparate AG. A good time to look back on the years we have spent together.

21 Years of Unic and JURA

Markus HenkelAugust 2021

Hornbach – a Partnership on an Equal Footing

The digitalisation of HORNBACH, initiated with Unic in 2009, wrote history, not just in terms of Unic locations. In this interview, Unic senior project manager David Spark tells us why this partnership has been such a success. He also explains how Unic’s customers participate in projects and turn their own ideas into reality.

Hornbach – a Partnership on an Equal Footing

Cléa FierzOctober 2021

Unic & Swiss Post – 20 Years of Shared Web History

For more than 20 years now, we have been supporting Swiss Post in all their digital endeavours. So far, we have implemented four relaunch projects and around 400 other projects for Swiss Post. And our journey continues.

Unic & Swiss Post – 20 Years of Shared Web History

With the right people, you can create anything your heart desires.

Stephan Handschin
Founder & Partner, Unic

Where We Come From and What Drives Us

From four founders in 1996 to four Master of Swiss Web awards in 2021: Where did we come from? What successes have we celebrated and what challenges have we overcome? What has made us laugh, what has made us argue? What changes has Unic undergone in a quarter of a century – growing from a small consulting firm to a full-service digital agency with 250 employees? Read more about this in our company history.


January 2021

Unique Moments: Looking Back on 25 Years of Unic

A quarter of a century - that's how long Unic has been around. Our journey began in 1996, and since then we have experienced a lot. We celebrated under a shower of confetti, laughed a lot, but also mastered numerous crises. We have changed and yet remained true to ourselves.

Nicole Buri1

Nicole Buri

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