App specialist iAgentur becomes part of Unic

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Nicole BuriOctober 2022

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. On average, we spend almost 5 hours a day with our mobile device. The market is also booming in the future: Fintech apps, mobile commerce, augmented, mixed and virtual reality are driving innovation.

The competencies of iAgentur and Unic are tailored to each other. We complement each other perfectly!

Stephan Handschin, Founder and Parter of Unic

1+1 makes more than 2

Unic strengthens its positioning and competence in this growth market and acquires the Zurich software specialist iAgentur. The three owners Martin Schawalder, Marco Ghinolfi and Roman Haag are now partners in Unic. In their operational roles, they will continue to be committed to the success of their customers - and so will all 28 employees of the company. Stephan Handschin, founder and partner of Unic, describes the merger as a stroke of luck: "Fifteen years after the launch of the iPhone, the time will soon come in Europe as well: mobile usage will trump the desktop. The mobile context is increasingly becoming a driver of innovation. The competencies of iAgentur and of Unic are tailored to each other. We complement each other perfectly!"

We are incredibly excited to take iAgentur to the next level together with Unic!

Martin Schawalder, Founder and Owner iAgentur

Heading to the future together

iAgentur has 15 years of experience in developing business-critical mobile apps for leading Swiss companies. In 2008, iAgentur developed its first app for '20 Minuten' - at that time the 772nd app in the App Store. Today, the continuously developed app is the newsapp with the highest reach in Switzerland. In the digital agency ranking of "kress pro", iAgency is ranked first in the apps/mobile category. The move is forward-looking for both companies. Martin Schawalder, one of the founders of iAgentur, on the merger: "Joining forces with Unic means an extraordinary opportunity to combine our strengths and ideas with Unic's capacity and reach. We are tremendously excited to take iAgency to the next level together with Unic!"

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