And Just Like That: Zurich Airport Flight Information Available in GPT Store

Marco Ghinolfi

Marco GhinolfiJanuary 2024

Flight Information – Prompt and Reliable

Passengers can now access up-to-date flight information for Zurich Airport in Chat GPT. All it takes is a simple prompt by the passenger via the official Zurich Airport GPT and a ChatGPT account with a ‘Plus Subscription’.

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Chatbot – Zurich Airport: How It Works

Unic has developed a dedicated GPT for Zurich Airport that uses real-time airport data to reply to prompts concerning departure times, gates or luggage information. It is a user-friendly solution designed to assist passengers efficiently and accurately.

We are proud to offer a seamless and efficient experience to passengers at Zurich Airport and look forward to pushing the boundaries of technology to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Nico Castagna, Head Digital & Experience

How It Works

The Zurich Airport GPT uses so-called actions or plugins to make real-time, relevant information from the airport database available in an easy-to-read format.

Example Prompts:

  • Is flight XY123 on time?

  • When does flight AB456 land?

  • What is the gate for the flight to Warsaw?

  • What is the luggage belt for the flight from Ibiza?

The system processes these requests and provides accurate, real-time answers. The screenshot shows how the GPT works.

Lukas BrücklmeierOctober 2023

Spryker Hackathon – Chatbot Component for the Commerce System

The Spryker Excite 2023 in Berlin was coming up and of course a small team of Unic was there. Besides good conversations and great presentations, two developers and their team set out to develop a chatbot component including AI functions during a hackathon - with success.

Spryker Hackathon – Chatbot Component for the Commerce System

OpenAI GPT Store – Platform for AI Innovation

The OpenAI GPT Store is a marketplace for specialised GPT models. Here, providers can develop and publish their own chatbot versions based on the GPT language model – all of them tailored to the specific needs of a group of users. This creates endless opportunities for tailor-made AI solutions.

The GPT Store was opened on 10 January 2024 by OpenAI, and Zurich Airport has been present in the store since day one.

Advantages of the Zurich Airport GPT

  • Fast: Users no longer have to wait around for information or navigate complex menu structures.

  • Accurate: Provides the latest information straight from the airport data feeds.

  • User-friendly: Intuitive, easy to use, accessible via ChatGPT.

  • Flexible: Works on any device that supports ChatGPT, ideal for mobile devices.

Teaser-Photo: Flughafen Zürich AG

Learn more about the award-winning project

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Flughafen Zürich AG

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

With technologically highly innovative solutions and a clear UX orientation, the new multisite platform covers the entire system landscape of Zurich Airport and thus meets the diverse needs.

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

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