Sitecore Excellence in Business Impact Award 2023

Philippe Surber

Philippe SurberJuly 2023

Michael Fischer is in charge of the strategic partnership with Sitecore at Unic. We talked to him about the award, and the first thing we asked was: What does “Excellence in Business Impact” actually mean? 

The award goes to partners who have a good understanding of customers’ requirements and business models and use this to design solutions with Sitecore that generate measurable commercial success. This includes an increase in sales, improved customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, cost savings or excellent digital campaigns. 

Michael Fischer – Unic

In an agency’s portfolio, the award is a testament to their expert knowledge, creativity, and dedication in providing supreme customer experiences and optimising digital presence. The award is also a recognition of the successful collaboration between Unic and Sitecore, which does not just create added value for customers but also contributes to the improvement of new Sitecore products. 

What does this mean for Unic? 

For us, the award from Sitecore is a recognition of our dedication in working with customers and the market. It confirms that we are on the right track towards a successful joint future: with modern, flexible architectures, using the latest technologies and modular solutions.  

In addition, this award is a big ‘thank you’ to all employees who pour their hearts into the implementation of successful CMS solutions – no matter whether they run on traditional, monolithic digital experience platforms or opt for modern, modular content management systems such as the Composable DXP (Digital Experience Platform) SaaS solution by Sitecore. 

Unic and Sitecore have been partners for many years. Which factors have led to this recognition now? 

Our expert knowledge of all things Sitecore, the latest frontend technologies and our in-depth understanding of customers’ needs formed the basis for another successful business year in this collaboration and qualified Unic for the Sitecore Early Adopter programme. Through this programme, we get to use the latest Sitecore products in customer projects involving editorial systems, content management and document management. We work closely with the Sitecore product developers and contribute to the optimisation of new products and making them market-ready.  

The CMS market is seeing some radical changes. With the advent of headless, specialised service providers have established themselves in the market. How do you see the development of Sitecore in this market environment? 

For a long time, Sitecore was the leading provider of traditional, monolithic CMS systems. However, in many cases, these also included features such as asset management, search, analytics, email marketing and marketing automation on top of content management. For the last five years, Sitecore has been transforming to become a provider of modern, cloud-based SaaS solutions. Now customers can cherry-pick the modules they actually need for their daily business.  

You are considered an expert on CMS systems at Unic. What should companies look out for today when selecting a CMS system? 

In general, a new solution should support a company’s business goals – that is, generate leads or excite customers and help retain them. That is why requirements should always be specified from the customers’ perspective, not from the company’s. Very often, calls for tender only describe what the old/existing tool can do and what additional features they would like. In our view, the choice of technology results from the business ideas and capabilities of a company. And then ideally, it should be modular, making it future-proof and expandable. 

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to talk to us. And have fun celebrating the award with your team! 

About the award

The award goes to solutions generating measurable commercial success. This includes an increase in sales, improved customer satisfaction, increased conversion rates, cost savings or excellent digital campaigns.  

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