Practical test of the Unic Spatial Lab - four people with the Vison Pro VR glasses from Apple.

Testing the Unic Spatial Lab

Lovey Wymann

Lovey WymannMarch 2024

Spatial Computing: How It All Began  

Since the presentation of Apple Vision Pro in June 2023, spatial computing has been all the rage. Over the last few months, Unic has done a deep dive into the opportunities and possibilities that this technology opens up. In collaboration with the developers from the Apple developer programme and the first customers, we developed ideas and prepared their implementation. Everyone was excited to get their hands on the first test devices.  

The newly launched Unic Spatial Lab now offers our customers, partners and interested parties an opportunity to experience Apple Vision Pro first-hand. The Spatial Lab also showcases how we approach projects in immersive and multidimensional spaces.

Testing Apple’s Vision Pro

Ivo Bättig and Gerrit Taaks with outstretched hands to calibrate the Apple Vision Pro. Gerrit on the right is wearing the VR glasses.
Ivo Bättig shows Gerrit Taaks how the Apple Vision Pro is calibrated to his hand gestures.

After a quick calibration based on your hand and eye movements, you can dive in straight away and experience spatial computing for yourself.  

As Roman Haag, Expert Mobil Apps at Unic, describes it: “Unboxing the headset and putting it on for the first time is really impressive. From pairing to calibration to use, there were no hiccups. Being able to control my ‘computer’ using only eye and hand tracking makes me wonder: Will I be working from a park bench soon?”  

His colleague Julijana Stamatova, iOS Senior Developer at Unic, got to test drive Apple’s Vision Pro back in September 2023 at the Developer Lab in Munich. She points out that, thanks to the wide headband and soft padding, the headset is very comfortable to wear. But what really knocked her socks off was the crystal-clear display and fantastic stereo sound. In combination, this makes for an immersive experience she could not have previously imagined.  

As the Pro in the name of the Apple Vision Pro indicates, we are wearing a top-of-the-line device for professional applications. This marks the end of the limits of 2D screens. The virtual reality goggles deliver excellent visual quality and user-friendly interaction design, which sets them apart from competitors’ products. 

Philippe Surber, Partner von Unic

This also shows that at Unic, spatial computing is no longer just a theoretical concept. We are already working on practical implementations with our first set of customers.  

Use the Unic Spatial Lab for Your Ideas

Entrance area of the Spatial Lab, with the Spatial Discovery Canvas. You can still recognise the seating in the room.
The Spatial Lab at the Unic offices in Zurich.

In November 2023, our experts conducted the first ‘Spatial Discovery Workshops’. Marco Ghinolfi, in charge of app development at Unic, has since had an opportunity to test the first prototype apps developed in-house on the Apple Vision Pro. Just like our customers, he is blown away by the technology: “The hardware enables us to experience apps and their handling in an entirely new and fascinating way.”   

There are many opportunities in spatial computing, as Philippe Surber tells us: “The real estate industry already knows many applications for spatial experiences which could easily evolve. And IKEA has also been using the technology successfully for a while. We see great opportunities in education and training, healthcare, design, product development, production, maintenance, retail and many other sectors.”   

So here is our invitation: 

Unic Partner Markus Haschka extends his hand towards the camera with a smile. He is wearing the Apple Vision Pro.
We see a hand reaching out. Markus Haschka sees a butterfly landing on it.

Book Your Slot in the Unic Spatial Lab

In a full-day workshop, we can help you develop your own ideas, using the Spatial Discovery Canvas we developed for this specific purpose. We can test the ideas on the relevant target groups, intended users or customers and their particular needs.   

This will provide you with a fairly concrete picture of what spatial computing can do for your company. 

Seize this opportunity and book your slot for these sought-after workshops today. We host these at our Lab or, on request, at your location. Get in touch for more details. 

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