We Belong to the Best Swiss Digital Agencies – for more than 20 years

Cléa FierzOctober 2021

We are now ranked 2nd!

The Netzwoche ranking is based on the number of points achieved at the Best of Swiss Web. It is presented in the two time horizons "5 years" and "10 years". We are proud to be considered the second best digital agency in Switzerland over both time horizons.

We are very pleased about this recognition of our work and commitment. However, this success is only possible thanks to the people behind our award-winning projects. Because they are the ones who make Unic unique.

5x Master of Swiss Web in 9 years

As the only agency in Switzerland, we have already received the award for the best web project in Switzerland 5 times. Not least this year for the relaunch of the CSS Insurance website.

Screenshot Mobile Phone with www.css.ch opened

CSS Insurance

One Step Ahead of the User

The new website is offering intelligent, relevant content and services. It meets users in their individual context and supports them at every stage of their journey.

One Step Ahead of the User
Our 5th master's title - with relaunch css.ch
Our 5th master's title - with relaunch css.ch

Top in the categories „Usability“ and „Public Affairs“

Unic leads the ranking in the two categories Usability and Public Affairs. In the important category Business Unic is among the top 3. Unic is also among the top 5 agencies in other categories such as Marketing, Technology or Innovation.

Conclusion on the best list

We are an established, large digital agency, which over the years offers a constant quality on a high level. Unic is thus one of the most outstanding digital agencies in Switzerland.

More about the Best of Swiss Web Award 2021

September 2021

We Win Our Fifth Master Title with css.ch

Together with CSS we picked up this coveted award for the best Swiss web project for the 5th time. We want to celebrate this moment. That's why we're revisiting our 5 master projects and reflecting on what unites the project teams behind these successes.

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