Apprentices / Dual Students

What does an Apprentice / Dual Student do at Unic?

Since we have branches and training locations in both, Switzerland and Germany, and there are country-specific differences, we would like to show you these in the following:


At one of our locations, Berne and Zurich, we concentrate on the training of apprentices in information technology with the specialties of application development and system technology.

Computer scientists specializing in application development are responsible for software development. At the center of your work is the development, implementation and maintenance of programs that have been created with the programming languages .NET, C#, Java, PHP etc..

What you can expect as a computer scientist specializing in application development:

  • accompany projects

  • develop solutions for customer-specific applications

  • automate business processes

  • programming of websites

  • You often work in a team and have contact to customers and users.

Interactive Media Designers create user-friendly digital experiences. You will develop creative concepts, assist in formulating content, design interfaces, and define functions as well as interactions for websites and applications.

What to expect as an Interactive Media Designer:

  • Designing graphical user interfaces for websites, mobile applications, and specialized applications.

  • Creating interactive prototypes and participating in usability tests.

  • Capturing new client requirements in collaboration with your colleagues.

  • Managing and maintaining existing design systems.

Computer scientists specialising in systems engineering are responsible for the entire IT infrastructure: the construction, operation and maintenance of IT systems.

What you can expect as a computer scientist specializing in systems engineering:

  • install computers, servers and networks

  • work in the areas of planning, installation, operation and maintenance of -IT networks and their applications

  • dealing with hardware and software

  • train the users and support them in case of problems.

At Unic you have the opportunity to get an insight into the Windows and Linux world and can decide in the final spurt for an operating system.

Do you want to try it out?

Tryout visits are mainly offered in connection with apprenticeship advertisements. An IT tryout week takes place once or twice a year, with our partners, the IT Ninjas: https://it-ninjas.ch


At one of our two German locations, Karlsruhe, we concentrate on training Dual students in applied computer science. Unic is a partner of the Duale Hochschulen Baden-Württemberg in the field of computer science. The dual study of computer science at the DHBW Karlsruhe combines theory and practice: In six semesters of the dual study, three months of theory phase at the university alternate with three months of practice phase at Unic.

As a rule, you start with a three-month practical phase with us, during which you get to know Unic as a company, your colleagues and our culture. We will also give you an initial technical insight, which will make it easier for you to get started at university. In the practical phases that follow, we work together on projects that deal with new technologies and in which you can immediately put what you have learned into practice.

You will deal with exciting, Unic-relevant and application-oriented topics. The results usually flow into internal or external projects, which is an enormous motivation driver. Our goal is to have trained qualified software developers after three years, who will enrich the Unic team for years to come.


Why learn at Unic? What are the development paths?

In Switzerland, after completing their four-year apprenticeship, learners have the opportunity to take on the role of system or application engineer or ux designer in the Junior, Professional and Senior development levels. Due to the examination of forward-looking technologies, a learner is able to evaluate new topics, solutions and fields of application for Unic. At the same time, we enable learners to gain insights into projects by becoming full members of the individual teams relatively early on.

In Germany, a Dual Student takes on the role of Application Engineer. In this Job Family there are the development levels Junior, Professional and Senior up to Expert.

Future-oriented technologies are a constant companion during your studies. New topics, solutions and fields of application can be independently evaluated by our students. At the same time, we enable students to gain insights into projects by becoming full members of the development teams at an early stage.

After graduation, we employ our newly trained application engineers in the project teams so that they can do what they enjoy most - implementing exciting e-commerce projects together with their colleagues. The fact that our Dual Students were already part of the team makes it very easy to join the team. In addition, the student research projects that have already been completed can be incorporated into our development process, from which the developer team can benefit greatly.

New star in the development sky?

You would like to be trained on the latest technologies and sparkle as a new star in the development sky? Then Unic is the right place for you! Apply now!

Martin KrieglerApril 2017

Martin Kriegler assists cooperative students in Karlsruhe as a coach

The education of specialised staff is an important matter for us. Therefore we are engaged as a cooperative partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden Württemberg - DHBW) in the major “IT".

Martin Kriegler assists cooperative students in Karlsruhe as a coach

Martin Kriegler

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