Overview of the Consulting Experts

Unic has consulting experts in various fields. We would like to give you an overview here and show you what each Consultant does at Unic and what skills you should have.

Technology Consulting

As a Senior Technology Consultant you are both - a team player and a technical expert. You analyze the risks and opportunities of the software architecture in the respective technology environment of our customers. Your expertise ensures effective and sustainable application development. You have a distinct understanding of processes and technology as well as organisational competence, analytical and methodical skills. Our IT Consultants work together with countless specialists on the agency and customer side to find the optimal solution.

Marketing Consultant

As a Marketing Consultant you analyze the implementation of the marketing strategy across all platforms and channels. You will diagnose and visualize the weak points and point out ways to make better use of the untapped potential in the future. In individual marketing disciplines, you will also design and implement a project in depth hand-in-hand with the client. The Marketing Manager on the customer side profits from your expertise and at best even sees you as a sparring partner for his business.

Organisational Consultant

As an Organisational Consultant at Unic, you create a trusting framework for our customers and use the appropriate methods to orchestrate the change process, depending on the situation.You accompany companies on their way to an agile and modern work organization. While you always keep the company goals in mind, the person, the team and the organisation are at the centre of the change process and your consulting.

What methods does the Consultant work with at Unic?

The analysis phase examines the problem area from all relevant perspectives. Information must be collected from the relevant stakeholders and compared with the data analysis from the current systems. Based on this, strategic solution approaches are outlined and risk analyses prepared so that the Project Manager and management can make the best possible decision for the future. This initial phase is sometimes time-consuming, but if you shorten it, you will find it even more expensive to implement. In most cases, the Senior Consultant also plays a key role in the implementation phase, and customer contact remains intensive.

What competencies are required in Consulting at Unic?

Proven knowledge in your specialist area is just one of many competencies. You also need to be able to think analytically and systematically, be willing to engage in dialogue, visualise your ideas and communicate them well. The greatest asset in consulting is personal trust.

What kind of training and career background will you have as a Consultant at Unic?

The tasks of a Consultant are variable, just as the development paths and training. The classic route is via business management courses or computer science studies. But there are also starting points if you have a degree in physics, mathematics or industrial psychology. And because customers are always keen to gain experience, it is very valuable if you already have professional experience in various industries and different organizational forms.

If you say, "I am the Consultant Unic still needs," then apply now. Either take a look at our vacancies or send us an unsolicited application.

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