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UX/UI Designer & Architect at Unic

Whenever a user interacts with a digital product or service, such as an online shop, chatbot or information page, a user experience (UX) is created. The task of UX Architects and UX / UI Designers and Frontend Engineers is to optimally design this user experience. To achieve this, they work hand in hand on the user interface of digital products and services, because people and their needs are at the centre of their work.

Currently there are no vacancies in the area UX/UI Designer & Architect.
Don't worry – you can nevertheless join our team! We are always on the lookout for technology experts, organizational talents, customer carers, allrounders and creative heads. In short: We are looking forward to getting to know you and can't wait to receive your unsolicited application!

What does a UX / UI Designer or an Information Architect at Unic do?

As a User Experience Architect / Information Architect (IA) and User Experience Designer (UX Designer) or User Interface Designer (UI Designer) at Unic, you work at the interface between man and machine. Through intelligent strategies, models, content concepts and design systems, you dedicate yourself to the user-friendliness of websites, mobile apps and digital products. The usability, the "user-friendliness" and the ease of use of systems is the goal to be achieved. Here the following distinction has to be made:

  • UX Architects / Information Architects focus primarily on the content structure and functionality of websites / applications and provide intelligent navigation concepts for intuitive user guidance and optimal orientation. They are primarily concerned with information architecture, page hierarchies, the categorization of content as well as navigation and data flows.
  • UX / UI Designers, on the other hand, consistently build on this and use visual systems and interaction models to bring content to life and create identity. In such a way that all branding aspects of digital products and services are transported in a stringent and media-appropriate manner.

How a UX Architect / Information Architect Works at Unic

As a UX Architect at Unic you work on the "heart" of digital solutions. You are responsible for the systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of user needs and behaviour. You document your findings in the form of user stories or classic requirements. You conceive the structural foundation of digital solutions, develop navigation trees, develop intelligent interaction concepts, define interaction paths and think of stumbling blocks. You also build wireframe prototypes and develop content models. Always with usability in mind, you will work in an interdisciplinary team with UX / UI Designers and Frontend Engineers.

And as UX / UI Designer?

As a UX / UI Designer at Unic you are an expert in the field of UX design. You accompany all steps from planning and conception to design and programming of user-friendly, high-performance products. You will work in an interdisciplinary team with UX Architects, UI Designers and Frontend Specialists. You will do a comprehensive prototyping: In order to visualize, understand and test the future system behavior, you will fall back on a versatile toolkit.

As a UX Architect or UX / UI Designer you also understand the tools of Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design and have methodical knowledge along the analysis and conception phase, such as persona creation, user/task flows, customer journey mapping, storyboarding and much more.

How to become a UX Architect / Information Architect or UX / UI Designer?

In order to optimize the usability and thus the user experience of online shops, websites, apps or applications, a sound knowledge of taxonomy and ontology, but also a basic understanding of technology in design is necessary. These skills can be acquired in courses of study or courses for UX Design, Human Computer Interaction Design, but also autodidactically.

In addition to specialist knowledge of methods and processes, information architects and designers should also be creative, empathetic in dealing with people and able to understand their problems in the use of the application. An analytical, holistic way of thinking as well as an experienced and secure handling of statistics and user data are also part of the skill set of Information Architects and Designers.

Human Centered Design is much more than just a process model, it is a fundamental attitude.

If you feel the same way and would now like to apply to Unic as a UX / UI Designer or UX Information Architect, click through our vacancies or apply on your own initiative.