Project Manager

What does a Project Manager do at Unic?

As a Project Manager at Unic, you are responsible for the successful implementation of a project within the requirements and framework conditions usually set by the customer. You are responsible for resource, cost and schedule planning with regard to the project's economic viability and the project goals set.

Here you are at the forefront and the primary contact person for the customer in all matters relating to the project, or often the so-called SPOC (Single Point Of Contact). As a Project Manager, you will be involved in all processes from initiation, management and control through to project execution.

Expectations are a central point throughout the entire project and must be collected from the customer. The conscious support of stakeholders or influencers is of great importance.

Depending on the customer and the general conditions, you apply agile project methods for project planning and control or implement the project goals according to classical project management.

Who does the Project Manager at Unic work with?

Especially in an agency environment, you will work with interdisciplinary teams. If you need personnel, you also recruit external specialists in order to guarantee the successful implementation of the client's needs. Since the Project Manager coordinates all processes and is informed about them, he comes into contact with different areas depending on the project and the task at hand - Requirements Engineers, Information Architects, UX Designers, Analytics Experts, Backend Developers - nothing is impossible. It is not uncommon for you to support various areas in project management and "help out" yourself. This for example in quality management during the execution of tests, the acceptance of products in a team or in cooperation with the customer.


Which tools and methods does the Project Manager use at Unic?

You are free to choose the methods you want to use to manage your project.

We use the latest tools to work efficiently. In project management you should be familiar with various collaboration tools such as Atlassian and JIRA. Also for budget controlling and project administration a certain software is used, for which you get introductions for use. You should be able to use the Office Suite for timings and quotations. You shouldn't be a stranger to the ICT world, but don't worry - you'll get to know many tips and tricks through colleagues and on the job.

External and internal communication channels and platforms are used daily. A "plus" is always knowledge of agile project methods and their tools such as Scrum or Kanban.

What are the characteristics of a Project Manager?

In addition to the "hard skills" of a Project Manager, such as budget controlling or resource administration, your "soft skills", such as social competence, are your main distinguishing features. Further topics on the task program are among others:

  • Ability to recognize more complex relationships

  • Simplified and transparent presentation of procedures for the customer

  • Maintain customer relationship

  • to pick up customer needs and subsequently offer solutions

Accordingly you should be sociable. Be it in everyday business communication, holding a presentation or a sales pitch.

As a Project Manager you are able to prioritize project components clearly in cooperation with the team members and the customer, to recognize risks early and to analyze them with regard to the achievement of the project goals.

As you know, the customer is king, but even a king must be well advised. In addition to coordinating and controlling the project management process, project management also involves a number of consulting tasks. The scope of the consulting services depends on the client's own experience and expertise, or on the client's level of experience and expertise.

A further task of the project manager is to satisfy the internal team. In a balanced and harmonious team it works better and time-consuming conflicts or escalations are avoided.

Why it pays to join Unic as a project manager

Project management at Unic means being part of a highly competent and interdisciplinary team. True to the Holacracy company organization, each employee fulfills a specific role. Each role is linked to certain tasks, so that each member contributes to the success of the project on his or her own responsibility.

No matter which title you currently have, from IT project manager to project coordinator. At Unic, all these tasks are summarized under the title of Project Manager.

As a Project Manager at Unic, you are active in many different areas and can unfold your full potential! If you're "on fire" for the projects, you've come to the right place. Our goal is to inspire our customers with passion and commitment.

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