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Software Architect & Engineer

Amazon, Otto or Zalando? The online shopping offer is boundless. Every day we dive into a fascinating digital world and take the vastness of the internet for granted. But why can I redeem vouchers and pay with modern means of payment? Where do all these product suggestions come from that fit me wonderfully? This is where Software Architects & Engineers come in. They bring the core of every application to life and fill it with things that accompany the digital world.

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* It is important to us that we find the right person for the right job, regardless of your gender (f/m/d).

What does a Software Architect & Engineer do at Unic?

As a Software Engineer, you will work closely with the Software Architect to implement new functionalities for our customer websites. We work in different teams and depending on the product with a number of programming languages such as Java, .NET or PHP. In one of them you see your strength, which you bring to the projects.

Thanks to your work as a Software Developer, the customer website is given exciting new functions that enhance the user experience for the visitors. In addition, together with the Frontend Developers, your newly created business logic will be given a face. Together we successfully accompany the digital transformation of our customers - from the inside of the application.

As a Software Architect you form the basic framework of the application and decide with other Software Architects for sustainable solutions, on the basis of which modern websites and applications with state-of-the-art functions will be built in the coming years. In addition to technical consulting, you will work closely with the Requirements Engineers, translate business requirements into technical blueprints for our software engineers and incorporate non-functional requirements such as performance, stability and modularity into your architecture.

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How do Software Architect & Engineer work at Unic?

As Software Engineers, the first steps towards implementing new functionalities are jointly defined in the team. Through agile process models, we coordinate our work on a daily basis, support each other in the form of pair programming and reviews, and jointly show our customers the latest progress on their websites and applications.

We rely on modern technologies and wide-ranging toolings, which support us daily in creating high-quality software, wether for online shops or corporate websites.

As a Software Architect, you analyze the application and its requirements in advance in order to find suitable architectures for future development. Using different templates such as Arc42, you record the basic decisions and document the underlying architecture in the form of a Software Architecture Specification (SAS) in Confluence.

But also during the implementation you are an important part of the whole team and support the Requirement Engineers as well as Software Engineers in defining technical tasks to comply with the architecture.


Darvin is the next generation of static site generators! It's jam-packed with features, allowing you to easily create and showcase CMS-agnostic frontend modules in all kinds of sizes!


ScalaWebTest is a library for writing ScalaTest/Selenium-based integration tests for websites. It helps you with your basic setup and provides a new and very efficient approach to testing.


Lightning fast and simple content mapping for Apache Sling and Adobe AEM. Use lazy loading and great tooling to rapidly deliver high-performance applications.

Typical development paths of a Software Architect & Engineer at Unic

In addition to the projects, you will also develop personally with us. With the help of the specialist supervisors and mentors, your start with us will be child's play and your further development will be the focus of attention. It is important to us to strengthen you and your skills in software development or software architecture. We accompany you in our career stages from junior, professional and senior to expert. Together in a team, you will become a new star in the Software Engineer and Architect heaven.

If you are a Software Architect & Engineer and would like new technologies, exciting projects and a lot of fun with your colleagues, then Unic is the right place for you. Just take a look at our vacancies. You're sure to find what you're looking for.