Systems Engineer & Administrator

What does a System Engineer & Administrator do at Unic?

As a System Engineer & Administrator, you take care of the setup, integration, and maintenance of these systems. In a team with Application Developers and ICT Architects, the design and configuration of the systems is developed, implemented and then handed over to system administrators for regular operation.


What is the role of the System Engineer in a project?

As a System Engineer, you ensure that an application meets the requirements for security, scalability, availability and performance. You also take care of the Quality Gate, which can be handed over to System Administrators for operation.

How does a System Engineer work at Unic?

The System Engineer's goal is to automate as many of his installations as possible and to document everything. The automation helps to reduce the documentation effort and makes it possible to scale better. For the automation we rely on Ansible as central automation framework and on Powershell, Bash-, as well as Python-Scripts and AWS-CLI.
The automation does not stop at the installation, but continues through the operation. Here we support the operation with ChatOps commands and event handling.

Depending on the requirements, the system is provided on a local VMware hypervisor, cubernetes or in the desired public cloud. We install the applications on the operating system, where they run most stable and performant from our experience. In our case this is either Windows or Linux.
Our processes are based on ITIL and our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is ISO 27001 certified. The central documentation is done in Atlassian Confluence as Wiki and in Git.

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Operations – We Run Web Applications

We run your web application throughout its entire lifecycle. Our focus: availability, performance and security.


Typical Development Paths of a System Engineer at Unic

Typically, the career starts with an apprenticeship as a Computer Scientist in the direction of Systems Engineering. After that, you will start your career as a Junior System Administrator. At this level and also as a Professional System Administrator you will take care of the operation of the customer applications. This means in ITIL terms Incidents, Problems, Service Requests and smaller Change Requests. With growing expertise you also take care of the provision of smaller, standardized customer platforms.

With increasing expertise and responsibility you will be promoted to Professional System Engineer and Senior System Engineer. At this level, you take responsibility for our services and, in cooperation with the ICT architect, take care of their further development. You will take over the technical project management in projects, coach younger colleagues and assume responsibility for implemented solutions.

In addition to your technical know-how, you also have an interest in and a flair for strategic and business topics. In this case, you will have the opportunity to develop into a Senior and Expert ICT Architect. You will be responsible for the development and maintenance of the overall architecture and our service portfolio. You will have an overview of the market, evaluate and integrate new services. You assess whether new and existing services fit Unic from a business and strategic point of view. You will develop technical concepts for our customers and advise them on these topics. You will also support our sales staff with pitches.

Would you like be part of our team as a System Engineer & Administrator? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us - either because of a job advertisement or on your own initiative. We look forward to receiving your application!

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