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Headless CMS: Do I Need That?

  • Peter Koellner

Backgrounds, Decision Criteria and Experience for Digital Marketing
Headless CMS is something the digital world talks about. No matter whether you want to switch to a headless approach or inquire about different options - we show you the possibilities in a product-neutral way and explain which important key points you should pay attention to. The whole thing is rounded off with some lessons learned from previous headless projects at Unic. Find out whether Headless is relevant for you!

You will learn about this in this webinar

  • What does the term Headless CMS mean and how does it differ from classical systems?
  • What are the basic advantages and disadvantages of a headless approach?
  • When do which headless variants make sense?
  • How should a headless project be approached?
  • How does it differ from a conventional CMS project?

For whom is this webinar

  • Marketing and communication managers in medium-sized and large companies
  • Head of Marketing (CMO/CDO)
  • Head of Communication
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of Innovation Topics

You can find the presentation from the webinar here.

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