Adobe Marketing Cloud – Comprehensive Suite For All Marketing Needs

Holistic Marketing With Adobe

Adobe Marketing Cloud provides all the features necessary for the design, operation and optimisation of digital marketing for SMEs and large companies. It consists, among other things, of the following solutions:

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

More than a CMS (Content Management System): It is not just about creating the content of your website with it. It is about central management of your content and assets for all your output channels. So that you are always in a position to create a consistent and appropriate customer experience.

Adobe Analytics

As a highly customisable solution, Adobe Analytics is particularly suitable for companies that want to expand and strengthen their online channel.

Learn more about Adobe Analytics:Adobe Analytics

Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is your tool for fast and easy tag management.

Learn more about the tag manager:Adobe Launch

Adobe Campaign

Your tool for successful campaigns, both online and offline: Send personalised emails, measure the success of your campaigns, and automate the placement of your messages based on the likes of your customers.

Adobe Target

Test your content: With simple tests, you can determine the success of your content. This allows you to customise your website in real-time to suit user needs.

In addition to these four solutions, Adobe Marketing Cloud offers you more, for example the Audience Manager or the Media Optimizer.

The suite also includes the so-called core services that can be used by all solutions: for example uniform administration of user profiles or assets.

Benefits of Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Comprehensive solution: Adobe Marketing Cloud is excellent at covering all requirements towards modern marketing.

  • Uniform functionalities: The suite optimally exploits its synergies: All solutions have uniform functionalities, whether it is user administration, user interface or workflow.

  • Unified data base: Whether in Target, Campaign or Analytics, all data comes from the same database – thus all findings are based on a uniform data foundation.

  • Centralisation: Assets are stored centrally and need to be processed only once for your varied use: whether for emails from Campaign or for the website from Experience Manager.

  • No media interruptions: Direct integration of Photoshop, Illustrator, and all other Adobe Creative Cloud tools facilitates a workflow without media interruptions and the optimal control over all your marketing resources and activities.

Unic and Adobe – Partner Since 2001

Since 2001 Unic has worked closely with Adobe. During this time, we have already implemented more than 100 Adobe projects. As an Adobe Community Partner, we offer you a power package for online market processing. It consists of the five most important marketing cloud solutions: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Tag Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign.

With these tools you have the complete solution for the digital, interactive dialogue with your customers. Each of the solutions brings great value on its own, but in the package they really get to play out their enormous potential.

After a successful launch of your digital platform, we will be happy to continue supporting you. We are specialists in the hosting and operation of Adobe solutions.

Read more about our hosting services

Our Experts Are Adobe enthusiasts

At Unic, you can count on experienced and certified contact persons. Jean-Marc Bolfing, Certified Expert – Business Practitioner & Adobe Certified Master, has two certifications that confirm his expertise. He shows our customers how they can derive valuable knowledge from data.

These customers trust us with their current AEM projects


A selection of our Adobe projects

CSS Insurance

One Step Ahead of the User

The new website is offering intelligent, relevant content and services. It meets users in their individual context and supports them at every stage of their journey.

One Step Ahead of the User

Canton of Zurich

Swift and Efficient Communication

The website underwent a complete redesign. It focused on a new concept for the content, a new layout, accessibility and device-independent access.

Swift and Efficient Communication


Touchpoint Integration

As fooby.ch’s technology partner, Unic ensured a smooth user journey thanks to its technical solutions created on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Touchpoint Integration

CONCORDIA Versicherungen AG

Close to the Customer

On the new website developed by Unic, CONCORDIA focuses entirely on its customers. They find relevant content easily, intuitively and barrier-free.

Close to the Customer

Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV)

Ready for the mobility of the future

The new ZVV website – at home and on the road. Easy navigation, flat hierarchy and good legibility.

Ready for the mobility of the future

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