Dynatrace – Your Comprehensive Solution for Application Performance Management (APM)

Keeping Track of Complex IT Systems

Every service that is implemented for the operation of a web application increases its complexity, which leads to a higher likelihood of errors in the overall architecture. These errors can in turn have a negative effect on the performance of the website. In practice, it seems impossible to keep track of all dependencies and information for all affected IT systems around the clock to identify any irregularities that may occur.

The Dynatrace Application Performance Management solution enables you to keep track of these things: The APM tool continuously measures, manages and improves the functionality as well as the performance of your IT environments and requires no manual intervention. Independent from hosting and operation, Dynatrace monitors all technologies available today.

Dynatrace – Software Intelligence for the Enterprise Cloud

As opposed to conventional monitoring tools, Dynatrace uses artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate the monitoring of software and infrastructure with the customer experience. All links, dependencies, data flows and response times are analyzed and assessed by the AI-based monitoring engine in real time. As the leading APM solution, Dynatrace provides you with a complete overview of the state of your entire technology stack. Potential confounding variables or vulnerabilities are detected autonomously so that instead of losing time searching for the error, you can use it swiftly to fix any bugs that may occur.

Web Application Monitoring Made Easy: Your Advantages With Dynatrace

Business and performance measurement

Dynatrace offers extensive options to assess a company’s web performance. These range from evaluation of business performance to customer behavior analysis. This may include monitoring transactions that lead to a purchase as well as a detailed analysis of user behavior in your application.

Digital experience monitoring

Excellent customer experience is the main goal in digital marketing and has a major influence on the commercial success of a company. With Dynatrace, you never lose track of your customers’ digital experience: User monitoring, synthetic testing and mobile app monitoring allow you to systematically analyze and evaluate customer movements. Thanks to built-in session replay you can trace your customers’ movements at any time.

Application monitoring & performance lifecycle management

Comprehensive application monitoring, from user clicks all the way down to code level, as well as extensive database monitoring, allow you to keep an eye on the entire platform.

Enterprise cloud, container & infrastructure monitoring

Dynatrace monitors the entire infrastructure, no matter the location and technology. Server, network, virtualizations, microservices and containers are monitored automatically, regardless of whether they are located in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

How We Work With Dynatrace

Flexible architecture

Unic offers this service from its own data center. Thanks to our partnership with Dynatrace, you profit from our expertise and a pre-installed monitoring platform. The agents supplied recognize any changes to your environment in real time and provide an easy-to-understand graphic visualization of need-to-know factors.

Certified partner

Unic has been a certified Dynatrace Authorized Solution Partner since 2018.

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Patrick HadornJune 2020

Dynatrace Named a Leader in Application Performance Monitoring

Dynatrace has once again been declared a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 for Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We are delighted to be able to help our customers achieve continued success with Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Named a Leader in Application Performance Monitoring

Patrick Hadorn

Stefanie BergerJanuary 2020

The Elves of the Future: With Artificial Intelligence instead of Hats

In order to meet the increased demands on software and web applications, we use Application Performance Monitoring tools. These tools offer significant insight into the quality of solutions and support us in monitoring the systems – now with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Elves of the Future: With Artificial Intelligence instead of Hats
Stefanie Berger

Stefanie Berger

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Stefanie Berger, Senior Sales Consultant Operations

Stefanie Berger