SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Customer Data Cloud

A trust-based customer relationship has become more important than ever in B2B and B2C. In these times of GDPR and other data protection requirements, it is important to win customers’ trust through transparency and control, and to do so over the long-term, from the start of the customer journey and throughout the entire relationship.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud, which is part of the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio, allows you to create this trust as well as transparency and customisation for your customers, for example, in your e-commerce shop. Turn your unknown visitor into a loyal and trusting customer.

The Customer Data Cloud offers a host of features in these areas:

  • Customer identity, such as single sign-on or social login

  • Customer consent, such as consent management or customer self-service

  • Customer profile, such as profile management or customer insights

Customers’ trust and transparency are at the heart of the SAP Customer Data Cloud: Create more trust and transparency, and turn your visitors into loyal return customers!

The Top 5 Benefits of the SAP Customer Data Cloud at a Glance

  • Know your customer: Centralised customer data management allows you to recognise your customers early and accompany visitors to your e-commerce shop from the beginning of their customer journey and convert them into customers.

  • Transparent data control: Put customers in charge of their experiences and data with a well-structured, user-friendly self-service tool. This allows them to get transparent insights at any time and adapt their preferences.

  • Simple login: To turn an online shop visitor into a registered visitor or customer, you need intuitive user registration. A social login promotes personalised interaction and self-service registration, and single sign-on makes it easier for your visitor to use your online shop.

  • Data protection compliance: Ensure that you always comply with data protection requirements and that you track the consent and preferences of your customers through centralised data governance and orchestration.

  • Personalisation: Central customer data management provides you with a detailed image of your customers and allows you to put together personalised campaigns. Use relevant data to send personalised offers and discounts to your customers.

Download our Whitepaper «SAP Commerce» for free now!

Selected topics of the Whitepaper

  • The "business benefits" of an integrated digital solution for customer interactions, sales processes and after-sales

  • Classification of selected SAP applications in the sales-side business processes (from Suggest to Lead and Order to Cash)

  • Consideration of E-Commerce scenarios of different industries and corresponding solution requirements (e.g. for Automotive, manufacturer B2B, Wholesale and Retail)

  • Overview of synchronous and asynchronous integration scenarios of SAP Commerce in the surrounding systems

  • Concrete solutions for the handling of customer data, product information, prices, availability, quota management and other topics.

  • Architecture scenarios for the integration of SAP Commerce with SAP CPI (Cloud) and SAP PI/PO

The whitepaper is in German only.

More about «SAP Commerce Cloud»? Read our whitepaper.

Do You Need the Customer Data Cloud?

  • Does your online shop comply with data protection requirements and do you think you are doing everything to gain your customers’ trust and to be transparent?

  • Are you in line with all GDPR requirements and are your customers able to transparently access all their data and change it in self-service?

  • Do you have your customer data in a central data management system that supports you in providing your customers with relevant information from the beginning to the end of their customer journey?

  • Is it easy for visitors to the website to sign up or even just register for a newsletter with an email address?

  • Can you provide policy-based access control and company-wide access management for your B2B customers today?

If you have answered no to one or more of these questions, then you will benefit from the SAP Customer Data Cloud. Feel free to get in touch with us today and let us talk about your needs or any questions you may still have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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