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Everything Needed for Sporting Excellence

Close to 250,000 overnight stays, more than 750,000 facility bookings in 2019: The Federal Office of Sport sports centres are in high demand. Ball sports halls, an indoor pool, diving pools, gyms, weight rooms, a BMX track, a climbing hall, sailing boats, a squash court and biathlon facilities: The service portfolio also includes accommodation, seminar rooms, additional services, meals and much more. All of this can now be booked through the new service portal. At the heart of the solution is the hotel software SIHOT, in which the Federal Office of Sport manages its entire service portfolio. Together with the customer, our experts defined the reservation processes and implemented them in a user-centric service portal. This enables Federal Office of Sport customers to organise their stay intuitively and independently.

Step by Step to the Perfect Stay

A structured process guides users through the comprehensive portfolio of services. First, users enter the type of stay, the sports centre, arrival and departure dates, the main sport and whether the reservation is for an individual or group. They can then book accommodation based on their choices, and the system will only display options available on their dates. Following this, they can plan their sports programme in detail.

Tailored Sports Programme

Users can put together their individual sports programme in a calendar. The coach of a track and field team might book the following slots: On Monday, I want to do a theory unit and some decathlon training sessions, then a session in the pool and finish the day off in the gym. Based on that schedule, the facilities will be ready for use at the right time.

Seamless Integration

At the heart of the solution is the SIHOT hotel software by German software company Gubse. The reservation processes were implemented in the backend with Kotlin – from the actual implementation to the build system (Grade with Kotlin DSL) to continuous integration and delivery based on Teamcity (Kotlin DSL). The frontend gets its data from the SIHOT Soap API via a GraphQL interface. The service portal reads information on special offers, pricing and availability from SIHOT and adds information from the service portal on locations, accommodation or sports facilities. A dedicated content management system is available to administrators at the Federal Office of Sport to maintain this data. Reservations are saved seamlessly to SIHOT.

Status and Responsibilities

Every reservation has a status that determines who is currently responsible for the reservation and what changes can be made to it. Questions can also be asked back and forth on reservations directly in the service portal.

Comprehensive Processes

In SIHOT, the Federal Office of Sport can plan the use of facilities, stays and catering and schedule cleaning. Interfaces with surrounding systems also allow for the management of access to buildings and facilities, changing room occupation and menu calculation for the kitchen. Customers can track and edit their bookings 24/7.

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