Concordia Close to the Customer

CONCORDIA which is one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland and Lichtenstein is close to its clients, and this is one of its greatest assets. The company maintains close relationship with its customers via 230 agencies and offices. CONCORDIA’s new website is also client-oriented. Clients find the relevant information there which is simple, intuitive and accessible. And of course it’s available on all devices.

Unic implemented the new website from A to Z on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The concept and design as well as the complex development and integration are the result of the work of our experts.

CONCORDIA Versicherungen AG
Customer since
Go Live
June 2017
  • 1'700 content pages per language were brought down to 280
  • 25 website authors developed the content
  • 14 development sprints were implemented until the go live date
  • 9 months – this is how long it took to implement the project

Oriented on user needs

The new website is completely oriented on user needs. Users will find content and insurance products based on their specific questions and their current life situations. In addition, users can look for and contact a personal advisor in their vicinity at any time. That way, CONCORDIA combines the analogue and digital client proximity.

Find the right content in a simple way

Users can find services and information on the new website very easily. On the one hand, they can get access to the products by talking about their needs: “I am looking for an insurance product for .... myself ..., ... my family, ... my child”. On the other hand, they can find the insurance product they need in their specific situation on the basis of specific real life situations, such as relocation, going abroad or accident.

Recommendation tool: What insurance product do I need?

It’s not easy to find your way around in the jungle of health insurance products. CONCORDIA helps users with a new recommendation tool. Users answer a few questions concerning their needs according to insurance themes. Afterwards, they receive a recommendation regarding the features of the basic insurance and additional insurance that are suitable for them.

My personal adviser

CONCORDIA highlights its customer proximity by means of its new website: Thanks to a sticky contact button, users have the opportunity to find their personal advisor on every page: to contact them and to have them present at their next visit. Personal advice is just one click away.


CONCORDIA Magazine offers holistic information about health. Whether food, fitness, health or lifestyle, users can find an article of interest using a simple filter.

Branding, this is what CONCORDIA is all about

The new responsive design and the revised images give CONCORDIA a unique appearance. The new website communicates the unmistakable brand of CONCORDIA and reflects the core values of the health insurance provider which is personal, family-friendly and service-oriented.

We are glad about the new presentation of our website. Thanks to Unic’s competent and solution-oriented work, the CONCORDIA website is fresh and modern.


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