How Can We Build Enough Charging Stations for Electric Cars in Switzerland?


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May 2023

5 months

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Hours of work done by EBP and Unic

Project Objectives

The platform is geared towards multipliers such as cantons, municipalities, companies, the property sector, planners and utility companies. With the new LadenPunkt programme, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy aims to empower them, remove barriers and motivate them to expand their charging infrastructure for e-mobility where and as needed. LadenPunkt is designed to make Swiss mobility even more sustainable by sharing and transferring knowledge and bringing stakeholders together. 

Mission Sustainability 

LadenPunkt is part of EnergieSchweiz, an umbrella initiative by the Federal Government to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy through voluntary activities. LadenPunkt specifically contributes to the needs-based expansion and improvement of charging infrastructure. This is a significant contribution to bringing down the CO2 footprint of energy consumption for transportation. 

Our Solution

  • Iterative approach based on Scrum. We continually mapped out new modules together, implemented UX design and frontend and expanded the content model in Contentful.  

  • The timeframe was extremely ambitious at 5 months and we were still really confident about the schedule  

  • Decoupled and flexible headless architecture  

  • Lean processes, automated CI/CD with deployment at the push of a button   

  • Focus on content  

  • Contentful used as a content hub and/or expanded by own space.  

  • Enabled simple and intuitive creation of new content  

  • Tailored access for different target groups with specific needs/barriers, content easy to find  

    • Access by topic  

    • Access by target group  

  • Curated content: Not just providing information/links to existing sources of information, but: The most important content is accessible directly on the homepage – providing an easy overview for readers, even those with little time, plus access to more detailed information where required   

  • Collaborative approach with customer; dialogue with stakeholder representatives   

  • Expandable content model designed to allow for future development of the campaign

Details on the Solution

  • Headless Frontend Architecture based on GatsbyJS as static site generator provides for short load times  

  • Contentful as SaaS: Validation of content, easy entry of translations, fast onboarding of authors 

  • Simple introduction to the topic – not too technical  

  • Deep dives available where required


LadenPunkt introduced interested parties to the bandwidth of possible measures they can take independently. At the same time, it equips them with the tools to implement these measures. The programme coordinates the activities. It works closely with industry experts – helping them share their knowledge, connecting interested parties, creating synergies and accelerating innovation. The programme coordinators also look for knowledge gaps and ways to close them over time. This leads to a constant influx of new tools, knowledge and consulting services. 

Areas of Expertise


  • Consulting and design 

  • Development of a marketing strategy and user journey based on interviews with target groups  

  • Development of a corporate design with Office and Miro templates.  

  • Development of information architecture based on the barriers faced by target groups  

  • UX/UI concept, UX writing, UX design  

  • Creation of illustrations, infographics, icons  

  • Editing of all website content  

  • Concept for and implementation of a newsletter service and social media activities  

  • Graphic design and copywriting of guidelines to be published on the website  

  • Organisation of expert meetings with regional partners Planair (French-speaking Switzerland) and TicinoEnergia (Canton of Ticino) for knowledge transfer and networking in target groups  


  • Consulting  

  • Technical concept  

  • Frontend implementation  

  • Application management

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