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The Jungfraubahn Holding AG consists of nine subsidiaries, and within that Group it operates various excursion railways and winter sport facilities within the Jungfrau Region. With the relaunch of jungfraubahnen.ch, the Swiss mountain railway company wants to offer its customers not only the mountain and train experience but also experience on the Web.

Jungfraubahnen Management AG
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November 2016
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  • 40 project members
  • 85 portions of Sushi delivered
  • 12 sprints
  • 27 km/h maximum speed to the top of the Jungfraujoch

Discover. Plan. Book.

The new Jungfraubahnen website is all about breath-taking graphic world  with majestic sceneries made of ice, snow and rock as well as comprehensive services throughout the visit to the destination place. Thematic pages tailor made individually for the users and interactive, topographic maps enable exploration of the area from different angles. In this way guests can obtain a unique foretaste of the journey before it begins, and they can plan and book it easily.

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Genuine presentation

The picture concept is based on genuine presentation of the overwhelming landscape. It needs no enhancement using extreme angles, optical systems or post-processing. People are not standing in the foreground anymore, instead they are shown integrated in the environment doing their activities.

3-D model for generating Winter and Summer panoramas

Panoramic maps have been so far displayed mainly as drawn by hand. Of course as a consequence you could show the area only from one perspective. In order to gain flexibility of the presentation, a high-resolution 3-D model was created based on Swisstopo-Daten (Federal Office of Topography). In combination with detailed textures for the Summer and Winter season (streets, buildings, forests etc.), a groundwork was done to enable generation of panoramic maps from every required angle. These will be offered on site both online for integration of live data and offline to ensure orientation of the user on the various information screens and displays.

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Interactive, dynamic 2-D and 3-D maps

Interactive maps with hiking trails are available since Spring. Users have the possibility to switch between a 2-D and a 3-D view in order for them to be able to picture the topographical view and explore the area from different angles beforehand. Own Mapbox Theme was developed for 2-D maps for Summer and Winter respectively. The 3-D map will be rendered at runtime. The basis for the look of the 3-D map will build the texture of the panoramic maps.

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Flat structure. Customer Journey orientation.

Thanks to the consistent focus on user needs and the flat structure of the website, the trips for groups and single travellers within the Jungfrau Region can be planned individually and booked easily.

Storytelling as an integral feature

Authentic reports and compelling stories with breath-taking pictures make the Jungfrau Region come alive.

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Jungfrau Railways Innovative Sales Manual 2.0

Tailor-made presentations at the push of a button: Jungfrau Railways have digitally transformed their way how their products are sold in B2B markets. A progressive webapp in combination with the headless CMS Contentful makes it possible.