KPT A plus for the “personal” approach

  • Sitecore Experience Award 2019 Unic

With, KPT, the health insurance company with a plus, is setting new standards in communicating with its customers. The website as a central hub was created in the context of a completely new brand presence. It picks up the customer and accompanies him on his decision-making journey. It therefore seamlessly combines needs, product information, individual premiums and insurance closure in a completely novel way.

Our experts were responsible for the concept, design, comprehensive technical implementation and integration based on Sitecore 9.

Customer since
Go Live
September 2018
  • 18 months from the very start to the Go-live
  • 14 months of iterative development with front- and backend
  • 6 nationalities in the project team
  • 1 ton of sweets eaten as brainfood

To seamlessly accompany the customer on his journey

“We always want to give something more.” This credo also guides KPT in the digital world. The new website offers users personal and individual support during their information and decision-making journey. It provides customised advice in their individual situation. Always with added value for the customer in mind, “the most personal health insurance company in Switzerland” was created in the digital world.

Make informed decisions

The way from information and evaluation to taking out an insurance policy is rarely linear. The customer searches for information, weighs, calculates, reflects, adjusts his selection options. KPT has recognized this challenge and seamlessly accompanies the customer on his decision-making journey. For the first time in the health insurance industry, the insurance premium calculator has been fully integrated into the website. The tedious back and forth between product and price information is no longer necessary. The customer finds everything in one place.

Take out insurance as easily as possible

The user can obtain detailed information about the products online. The “Product Cards” provide the relevant information at a glance and in a user-oriented manner. Once the user enters his personal data needed for the premium calcuation, the individual premiums are displayed in all “Product Cards” on the website. This continuously boosts the user’s decision-making authority. With “That's what I want”, the customer can put the desired insurance in a shopping basket, just like in an online shop, and activate an offer or conclude an insurance policy contract.

Benefits in a nutshell

With the new website, KPT has succeeded in moving from a product-oriented approach to a user-oriented approach. The new brand identity is also reflected in the digital world. The modern and responsive design and the usability-oriented navigation are rounded off by content that emphasizes the benefits for the customer. In the magazine, KPT offers information and tips&tricks on all aspects of health and well-being. The visual content addresses the user personally. This gives the customer the feeling of personal relevance.

The conclusion of the insurance contract in view

KPT succeeds in making the customer’s decision-making journey simple, intuitive and yet informative. It creates clear, dedicated access to products and services. In this way, it provides positive impulses in the decision-making process and can use as a sales platform.

Ready for the future

From a technical perspective, the new platform is characterized by a high level of application complexity. This is reflected, among other things, in approximately 25 interfaces that ensure interaction with KPT’s core systems. With the flexible and scalable platform based on Sitecore 9, KPT secures all future options.

We always want to give something more. With the new user-friendly digital hub we create added value. We seamlessly support our customer on his decision-making journey.


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