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Targeted and Personalised B2B Shop

The new online shop focuses on the distinctive needs of various target groups. Digitisation and personalisation go hand in hand. For example, product ads and products prices are personalized for each customer and user account; customers see availability and delivery dates in real time while placing their order. This enables Kuratle & Jaecker to provide better customer service 24/7.

Kuratle & Jaecker Personalized Shopping Cart

Numerous Services and a Personalised Shopping Cart

Over 13,000 items are available to customers. Individual prices and conditions, availability and delivery dates based on the shopping cart all personalise the shopping experience. Customers can set their desired delivery dates themselves and use a calculator to work out how much material is required. Professional purchasers are also able to place repeat orders quickly and easily using several B2B order functions.

Centralized Maintenance of Product Data and Decentralized Output

The entire product range is maintained using akeneo’s user-friendly PIM system. Online orders are immediately forwarded to the ERP system. This facilitates shorter delivery timeframes and optimizes the order processes. In addition, the PIM allows Kuratle & Jaecker to record congruent product data on any channel as part of an omnichannel strategy.

Kuratle & Jaecker simplified print catalogue

Simplified Management of the Print Catalog

To create the print catalog, the current product ranges can be transferred to InDesign in just a few clicks and fed automatically into ready-made templates. The new solution has greatly reduced the time and effort spent producing catalogs and the process has become more flexible. Very little employee training on the new solution and process was required as the catalog production was integrated into existing systems.

proLine B2B with Ecoplan

The Multi-Shop Approach with ProLine

Using a multi-shop approach, we opened another online shop for Holzwerkstoffzentrum AG (HWZ Switzerland) – a company within the Kuratle Group. The Ecoplan B2B proLine Magento extension enabled efficient implementation of various complex B2B functions, such as Business and User Management, customized prices, varied product presentation and quick-order features.

The Full Package for Digital Commerce in B2B

akeneo, which functions as the PIM system, contains all product data and presents it in a user-friendly way for marketing and sales. The products are offered in several online shops via the Magento 2 e-commerce solution and the specialized Ecoplan B2B proLine extension. Availability, prices and orders are managed via the directly connected SAP ERP system. Catalog production is simplified by exporting the data to priint:comet.The new comprehensive PIM, print and e-commerce solution has enabled Kuratle & Jaecker to reach a new milestone in digitalisation.

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Unic's expertise and innovative, tailor-made solutions convinced us right from the start. Together with Unic, we were able to start our path in E-Commerce and multi-channel sales in 2017.

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Ueli PreisigAugust 2019

B2B online shops with Magento and proLine from Ecoplan

We have entered into a partnership with Ecoplan. The software manufacturer offers a B2B extension for Magento, which provides around 400 shop functions. This enables us to accompany you quickly and efficiently in your B2B commerce project.

B2B online shops with Magento and proLine from Ecoplan

Ueli Preisig

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