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We have been supporting the Swiss Post on its path to digitalization for around 20 years. During our latest major project to update the website, we were in charge of user experience, design, and frontend to backend implementation on Sitecore 9. We also supported the Swiss Post in setting up the infrastructure and integrating the servers.

The Swiss Post offers a wide range of digital services to a diverse target group. The new website should help customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, while keeping them happy in the process. We worked with the Swiss Post to change the structure and navigation bar, as well as provide a clear overview of the content and products and make them easily accessible to customers. At the same time, we adapted the Swiss Post’s new CI/CD to digital channels.

Our iterative agile collaboration based on human-centered design enabled us and the Swiss Post to deliver a consistent brand experience. Thanks to many bold prototypes and even more usability tests, as well as ongoing validation and refinements, customers can now easily find their way around the Swiss Post’s website.

The project was nominated for the Master of Swiss Web 2020!

The Swiss Post
Customer since
Go Live
July 2019
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  • 10 prototypes created
  • 12 subprojects
  • 6'936 content pages, reducing the number of pages by 37%
  • 29 team members from Unic

Faster to the Goal

The Swiss Post had two aims – facilitating access to digital services and raising awareness of their products. This could only be achieved by taking a holistic approach. We analyzed user data and tested the existing websites. This enabled us to learn directly from users early on.

A new microsite framework closes the gap in the customer journey between marketing initiatives and services on the Swiss Post’s website. At the same time, the microsites provided a space to test and develop the new design. We carried out several pilot projects to evaluate the marketing, automation, information architecture and search potential. This laid the foundation for redesigning the Swiss Post’s website.

The Swiss Post’s New Website – Removing Redundancies

We redesigned the website based on the foundation we had laid. We greatly simplified access to the services provided by the Swiss Post by redesigning the navigation bar and developing a new page structure. For example, the Swiss Post no longer bases its approach on the two target groups of business customers and personal customers and instead it specifically looks at customers’ needs.

There are many products that both target groups require. Sometimes, a business customer just wants to send one parcel at a time. Or a personal customer might want to send 300 invitations to a wedding. And is the carpenter with an apprentice a business customer or “still” a personal customer? By merging both of these product areas, the Swiss Post was able to eliminate considerable redundancies in content. Users are quickly guided to the content they are looking for.

Multifunctional & Smart Search

A core element of the new website is the prominent, multifunctional search tool. User research and tests have shown that most users visit the website to track their parcels. The new full-text search kills two birds with one stone. It recognizes tracking numbers and automatically redirects users to the tracking page.

To meet the search requirements, we evaluated Coveo for Sitecore and fully implemented the functionality.

Compare Products & Prices at a Glance

The Swiss Post offers a wide range of products with names that are sometimes difficult to understand. For example, while parcels have product names like Economy, Priority, Urgent, Express Mond, Sameday etc., customers only tend to know what the destination is and whether the parcel should get there quickly or cheaply. We closed this gap with new overview pages that can be used to compare products in terms of price and specific content. Users can come to a decision on the overview page without having to read and compare several pages of detailed information.

Customers Can Find the Content They Are Looking for Immediately

The new website brings the content directly to the user. By clicking on the new navigation bar, customers can see prices and terms for the most popular products and can easily compare them.

The most relevant products are displayed on the overview pages and have a clear call to action. Users can easily access the various applications (for example, online services like Webstamp) and get on with what they need to do. The user guidance system supports users throughout the process, increasing conversion. Users can find more specific products and services and less-sought-out information by scrolling down the page.

Digital Branding with a Pattern Library

Working closely with the Swiss Post, we built a UX pattern library. This is a collection of user interface elements that are used multiple times. The library documents these modules and defines how they behave, what they look like and how they are used. As the Swiss Post has a particularly high number of web applications, it is crucial that the modules have a standardized design and can be reused for various applications. The pattern library forms the basis of a consistent and recognizable brand experience.

Informing Customers: Newsletters & Transactional Emails

Emails are a key element of postal services. They inform users about processes in the postal system (e.g. when receiving post). We were involved early on in designing the processes for notifying customers by email and creating ways of accessing the website from these emails. Redesigning newsletters and email templates is a key part of ensuring the user experience is consistent and seamless.

Sitecore 9 & Marketing Automation

While further developing the website, we upgraded to Sitecore 9. This meant updating the .NET framework with all its dependencies, such as interfaces, integration work, extension of the Sitecore interface specific to the Swiss Post and outsourcing of the marketing automation engine to xConnect’s microservices.

Unic has always challenged us and encouraged us to take bold steps. What we designed as a team was not an evolution but something new entirely.
Corporate-Design-System bei der Post im Wandel

Magazine Swiss Post – a Change in Design

A functioning corporate design system requires real applications, real products and real customer feedback. Because we wanted to talk about service quality and product structure at Swiss Post, not about pixels.

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