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Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV)


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Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV)
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February 2015
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ZVV accompanies you. Wherever you are.

ZVV’s target audience includes enthusiasts of modern mobility solutions and all groups of passengers actively using public transport services in the canton of Zurich: commuters, young people on their night out and senior citizens exploring the city. The concept was built on the basis of a number of analyses, interviews and workshops. Special attention was given to easy navigation, flat hierarchy and good legibility. This approach gave rise to a responsive website offering easily accessible content for comfortable consumption at home or on the go.

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What is your destination?

The passenger information section (connection search, departure times, disruptions and station timetables) was completely redesigned for availability on mobile devices, seamless map integration and a more user friendly experience. With the new design, users of the website can search for the next connection wherever they are – at the station platform, at their favourite cafe or in the comfort of their home.


Easy connections search

Open Street Map: The old NAVTEQ maps were replaced with OSM maps. The display mode was completely changed to make the platform more user friendly and to accommodate the Look & Feel of the new website.

Search results cards: The results of a connection search are displayed in the form of cards including the most relevant details for individual connections. The details of the first card are shown on the map by default.

Accordion feature: The individual cards may be easily opened with a click on the “Show details” button. The expanded panel shows all the relevant specific information concerning individual stages of the trip.


Discover the canton of Zurich anew

Users can search for suggested trips directly on the map, as well as through a detailed list view. Filtering of trip tips by region and category was greatly simplified. Each tip is accompanied with a dedicated details page containing all relevant information and interesting offers for ZVV website users. A team of young professionals are now responsible at ZVV for developing leisure activity suggestions tailored to the needs of younger users.


The responsive web design allows us to communicate with our passengers regardless of the device they are using.

Brigitte Andenmatten, ZVV
Project Manager, Strategic Marketing

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