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Intelligent UI

This dossier shows how services become intelligent. It points out opinions on the potentials of artificial intelligence, but also how teams have to form in order to create intelligent services for customers. It examines various services with artificial intelligence and it analyses how much intelligence they really contain.

Creating Intelligent User Interfaces

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Many companies are experimenting with artificial intelligence services. But the topic is also controversially discussed: Some see artificial intelligence as the next big growth driver, others fear to awaken ghosts you can't get rid of.

We are convinced that artificial intelligence will change the way companies interact with customers. But it takes much more than the use of technology to make services intelligent.

It takes the courage to go new ways, the willingness to dive into customer journeys and the data streams behind them, and a whole new way of working together in project teams. When all perspectives work together, solutions are created that support the user on his journey. This is the only way to get to the essence of the the term „intelligence“: it comes from the Latin word „intellegere“, which means „to understand“. You can't just have a machine collect data, analyze it and derive actions from it. It always takes the person who has a vision, who understands connections and sketches scenarios.

One Step Ahead of the User

CSS, one of the leading Swiss health insurance company, wants to surprise the users in the digital world with intelligent services. The project team is convinced that such solutions require a completely new approach to digital projects: It needs a cooperation of different disciplines, it needs an agile, dynamic approach and it needs a jointly developed vision as a fixed star to which the different roles jointly orient themselves.

Lorenzo Mutti

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It is only by having smart user interfaces that valuable interactions can take place that "understand" customers on their journeys and support them in the best possible way. CSS Insurance wants to be one step ahead of its customers. To do so, it needs to know where its customers are and offer them useful options as they move forward.

Different Perspectives For Intelligent Services

In which areas does artificial intelligence touch us in our digital everyday life? Can it help us, for example, in web analysis and online marketing? Can it sustainably enrich the Internet of Things? Or is artificial intelligence just a hype that is almost over? Our Unic experts are dedicated to these and other questions. What they all have in common is the conviction that it takes a lot of people to actually make artificial intelligence intelligent.

Andrea Malele

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Recording, interpreting and acting on data. Anything that artificial intelligence could one day do for us, we must first understand ourselves and be able to do on a small scale. We need cross-functional teams who are entirely data-driven in their work and who can rely on persistent and customer data that is as standardized as possible. We have a long way to go to achieve this.

Artificial Intelligence on a Trial

Many software vendors have started taking up artificial intelligence. We have taken a closeer look at selected systems: How intelligent are they really? And what framework conditions are needed to use AI properly?

Unic Author

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