We Use Holacracy

Why Holacracy?

Holacracy is a modern management framework that helps us shape the constant evolution of our organisation. The idea behind Holacracy is not to achieve some final, ideal stage but to keep driving ideas, improvements and changes, step by step, and to find the best possible solution to every situation.

Holacracy gives you room to breathe and grow and lets you work almost completely without hierarchies.

Dynamic, Efficient, Autonomous

With this setup, we can swiftly adapt to our dynamic market. For one thing, we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers. At the same time, the organisation keeps evolving. This means:

  • We are more efficient and effective than before because we find solutions and make decisions if and when questions arise.

  • We increase our customer focus by constantly optimising our circles and roles.

  • We collaborate across all disciplines.

  • You can make a deliberate contribution with your skills and passion.

  • You are an equal partner in the conversation and autonomous in your work.

  • You have access to transparent processes.

  • You profit from real, fast and flexible decision-making.

  • Thanks to the clear definition of roles and tasks, you can enjoy highly efficient workflows.

Our organisational model encourages us as employees to assume responsibility and act autonomously. After all, work is best when you are successful and having fun.

How Does Holacracy Work?

Holacracy is self-organisation. The power does not lie with a few individuals but is distributed to circles and roles. Circles consist of different roles. Every circle and every role serves a certain purpose and has responsibilities phrased as expectations, not as limitations.

The roles are filled by our employees. We have the authority to make decisions. After all, we know what is right and good.

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Our Offer for Responsive Organizations

Responsive Organisation

We offer consulting, coaching and training for an agile, responsive organizational form.

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Small steps, big inpact: Your way into self-organisation

From new forms of meetings to adapted decision-making paths, to focused feedbacks or leadership topics: With your company, you can take the first step towards a responsive, learning organisation. Our seminars will support you in this gradually.

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The picture shows the cheerful organisation team that took care of the move to the Bern office. It consists of two women and one man.

June 2022

Workplace 2.0: Feel Good and Do Your Best Work

In February 2022, after an extensive planning phase, our colleagues in Bern moved from the old Unic office on Eigerplatz to VIDMARplus in Liebefeld. A conversation with those responsible for the project.

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Nadine Schlegel

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