Unic goes Holacracy

With Holacracy we are taking a bold step into the future. We define new rules and forms of cooperation. Because Holacracy does not believe in any perfect final state but in optimally shaping the constant change.

An organisation set up according to Holocracy leads and operates in a new way, a responsive way. Power is no longer tied to specific individuals, but it is distributed among circles that work towards certain purposes.

The circles consist of different roles. Each role serves a purpose and has responsibilities. The roles are fulfilled by employees. To this end, they are endowed with authority and authorised to make decisions. Because the employees know what is good and right. According to Holacracy philosophy, employees are partners of the organisation.

What sets Holacracy apart?

We can quickly adapt in a dynamic market environment, constantly reinvent ourselves and better meet our customers’ needs. Specifically, it means that,

  • We become more efficient and effective as solutions are found and decisions made exactly where the questions arise.
  • We increase our customer orientation through a better set-up as we promote interdisciplinary cooperation and thus achieve synergies.
  • Expertise of all employees is brought to the table in a targeted manner.
  • We promote individual responsibility and self-determination, as well as offer space for creativity.

Our organisational form is intended to promote self-responsibility and autonomy. Because work feels best when it is success and fun.