Corporate Function

What are the tasks of ...?

Since the Corporate Functions are so diverse, we would like to briefly take you into each area individually.

What does a Human Resources Manager do at Unic?

As an HR Manager, you are just the right person to know people. With empathy, you take care of the employees and always have an open ear for their concerns. You will be in charge of filling new jobs, from the preparation of the job advertisement, through approaching candidates, to job interviews and their finalisation. At trade fairs or events you can present Unic as a potential employer and whet the appetite for a really great team.


What value is created by the Corporate Functions?

As different as the divisions may be, they work hand in hand to give our employees the best possible service and to keep Unic stable both internally and externally. A clear and good marketing strategy leads to Unic becoming known on the market. This attracts the attention of applicants who then apply to one of our HR Managers. When Unic and the applicant finally come to an agreement, our accounting comes into play with regard to wages. When the new Unic employee starts, the Office Management will provide him with advice and support to ensure that he or she settles in well and feels comfortable. Without the Corporate Functions, no company would work - and the greatest value is that, no matter whether Financial Accountant, Marketing, HR or Office Manager, are primarily involved in the well-being of the employees and the overall unic.

Which functions does Corporate Functions work with internally?

In order to portray exciting projects, the Marketing Manager often goes into the circles of the project business. Here he/she pulls out both unic- and customer-side material for exciting blogs and magazine articles. In various weekly meetings, an editorial plan is drawn up whose topics are unlimited.

As Marketing Manager at Unic, you are interested in every area and its concerns and actively try to find out about campaigns on special topics, whether events, awards or customer relations. The Marketing team is also happy to help you with various areas of story placement.

The HR Manager accompanies the employee from initial contact to working at Unic and even beyond - because the HR Manager also maintains contact with our alumni. Together with the Office Manager, events are even organised here to maintain the relationship with our alumni.

The Office Manager also works "cross-departmentally" and takes care of all employee concerns - whether travel management, a new coffee machine or a team event. The focus of the Office Manager is to ensure an all-round carefree package at Unic for all employees!

Last but not least, the Financial Accountant comes into play - he runs in the background and holds the reins in form of budgets, remittances, invoicing runs and wages. He/She acts as an interface for invoices, mail and contracts with Office Management and HR. But of course he also works with the Project Managers and Budget Managers for various evaluations and reports.

Did one of the Corporate Functions appeal to you?

We are always looking forward to new faces in our team - so take a look at the advertised positions or send us an unsolicited application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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