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Transparency and Efficiency with Akeneo

The French open-source solution supports you in customising your PIM system to the specific needs of your customers and their company. Our clients can choose from two different editions. One option is the free-of-charge community edition. This edition includes standard features for product information management. The other option is the enterprise edition, a cloud version centralising your relevant product information.

With Akeneo, you are choosing an intuitive product information management system. It makes your product management processes transparent and efficient – regardless of how complex the requirements may seem. The software helps you create a uniform data basis for all existing channels, be it e-commerce, catalogues, mobile apps, points of sales, stores or newsletters.

Akeneo in a Nutshell

Companies use product information management to centralise relevant information on their products and make it available in high quality. A key aspect here is that datasets need to be easy to manage and optimise. Akeneo is the ideal tool for the job. The navigation is simple and clean. The system is designed to be user friendly. It also enables a high degree of interaction with a variety of different data sources and peripheral systems, offering outstanding data integration.

The PIM Features at a Glance

Collect: Flexibly collect your various digital product data from different locations and integrate them in this central PIM system. The onboarding process for suppliers and data providers is a particular highlight. In future, you will not only be collecting internal data, but you can also hook up external data sources to Akeneo.

Optimise: Structure your product data in Akeneo PIM via Data Quality Insights and enrich it with additional information. A professional set of rules lets you determine and monitor the quality of contents. Publish specific product information to an output channel – for instance, if the data quality meets the pre-set criteria. This improves the quality of information density. At the same time, you ensure consistency of your product descriptions – across multiple channels, of course.

Distribute: Once the product data has been finalised, publish it to the various channels, such as online shops, websites, catalogues, mobile applications and stores. You can be sure that product data are standardised and correct.

Asset Management Features: Manage media assets such as images and videos along with product information. Store them in the formats and sizes the various channels require. You will then have the most common media formats and cropped versions available wherever needed.

2020 Update

Regular major updates ensure that the Akeneo PIM keeps evolving in terms of functionality – most recently with version 4.0:

  • Data quality: The Akeneo developers added new features to the PIM system for much-improved data quality. They also included enhanced asset management. This enables channel-specific product experiences, so you can take into account customer experiences from the particular channel. It has also become easier to integrate your existing DAM system (digital asset management) into the PIM.

  • Artificial intelligence/AI: The attribute mapping feature is an addition from the new field of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Automated product attributes for product catalogues as well as manual additions to them will most likely play an essential role in the future.


March 2020Dirk Nölke

PIM: Three Letters with Great Effect

What is a Product Information Management System (PIM system) and why is it essential in the context of digital distribution? Customers ask us these questions in one form or another. Here we give you the most basic answers!

PIM: Three Letters with Great Effect

Your Benefits with Akeneo

Flexibility and innovation: Thanks to the open-source approach, you can always individually adapt and enhance Akeneo. And the Akeneo team itself supports innovation. They continue to develop existing functionalities and regularly add new ones. On top of that, you can also use the Akeneo marketplace. Here, you can find add-ons for data forwarding to a print catalogue or webshop.

Simple processes, higher publication speed: Simplify your digital processes with Akeneo. Have your information flow under control at all times. And profit from a faster time-to-market process for your products.

Higher conversion rate: An attractive product presentation, simple filter options and helpful product comparisons have a positive effect on user experience and conversion. At the same time, the Data Quality Insights tool reduces the number of goods returned, since the high density of information reduces the number of misplaced orders.

Easy Akeneo integration: Integration of the software with your peripheral systems via an interface is often available without any custom development. There are currently add-ons available for Magento (e-commerce) and Drupal (CMS). Of course, you can also integrate other technologies. From an external translation management system to a sales-driven ERP, many things are possible, thanks to the new connections module. This provides users with an even simpler way to connect third-party systems via an API, using a dashboard. Your PIM solution will be as individualised as you want it to be.

Our Partnership with Akeneo

We are pioneers: Unic was one of the first Akeneo partners and has been a pioneer in its work with PIM systems for years.

We are integration experts: The optimum integration of Akeneo PIM into your organisation will give you a key advantage over your competitors. Regardless of whether it is marketing specialists or sales experts who need content – your content is available to every single channel.

Our service promise: We will provide comprehensive service and support you from the PIM strategy to data and process modelling through to implementation and operation of your product information management.

In Unic, we have found a strong partner who understands our solution and knows how to help digital business players take that key step ahead.

Tobias Schlotter
General Manager Central & Eastern Europe at Akeneo

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