Contentful and Unic: Your Partners for Composable Content Platforms

How Does a Composable Content Platform Work?

This next evolutionary step in modern headless CMS systems offers even more adaptability, agility and flexibility. The interface-based platform can easily be connected to existing data sources and continually integrate new functions as digital experiences and technologies evolve.

What Makes Contentful so Special?

The composable content platform by Contentful helps companies harness the full potential of digital content to generate content items faster and make them available on a large scale.

Contentful Advantages at a Glance:

  • The entire content infrastructure is in one place.

  • The application for editorial teams is powerful and easy to use.

  • Existing or new services are quick, easy and efficient to integrate.

  • Contentful offers comprehensive, tailored support – whether it is for 10 or 100 authors.

  • The API lets your development team use and integrate their preferred tools and programming language. 

Or, in more detailed technical terms: With integrated orchestration, a robust app ecosystem and an app framework for easy expansion of the platform, Contentful enables teams across the entire organisation to work together more efficiently in the connection, creation and expansion of content. As usual with headless CMS, this means that frontend and backend are fully decoupled. This gives you the freedom to define your own models. Using the Contentful RESTful APIs, you can deliver all available content to the required channels, whether on websites, mobile applications or social media platforms, in different languages and enriched with image, sound or video assets.

A Composable Content Platform is an Excellent Base for Multichannel Communication and/or E-commerce

Many companies are still hampered by monolithic solutions that tie users to inflexible tools and keep them from making digital experiences available at the speed that is the norm and expected these days. Headless CMS systems have shown progress here; the next iteration offers even greater flexibility and agility. Or, to put it another way:

A composable architecture makes your company future-proof. The system, which is based on headless CMS, enables you to select the best tools for your business requirements at any given time. With the modular approach, you can make experiences available more quickly or scale faster.

“The digital-first era that we are living in has changed two major elements of the customer experience: proximity and speed. The distance between customer and brand has been reduced to a matter of pixels and immediacy is the only time frame customers are willing to accept. This has transformed how companies connect with their customers and reframes how business leaders determine strategies to deliver new customer experiences.” Steve Sloan, CEO at Contentful

Carmen CandinasInterview

What changes with Headless for editorial teams

A content strategy, new formats and a content management system with headless architecture were a breath of fresh air for the web editing team at EnergieSchweiz

Stay Ahead With Structured Content

What is the Benefit of the Contentful Composable Platform When Creating Websites?

Thanks to automated workflows, your authors can capture content quickly and easily in one central place. After a short onboarding[SW1] , the web app can be used efficiently and, if necessary, adapted flexibly. At Unic, we create a customised user interface for you that is tailored specifically to your needs, and we also optimise the design. Structured content enables you to react flexibly to changes and update information [SW2] quickly. This can be published on your experience platform and across all other touchpoints and channels.

Unlike with conventional CMS systems, on this headless-based platform, changes do not need to be made several times on different channels or in different formats. Where necessary, you can also add languages such as German, English or others at any time, and your content is immediately available for all channels.

Headless is Only One Piece of the Puzzle: MACH Architecture is Gaining Ground

The acronym stands for a group of technological principles, which are:

  • Microservices-based

  • API-first

  • Cloud-native and

  • Headless. 

Contentful is part of the so-called MACH Alliance. It was founded as a non-profit organisation in 2020 and advocates for open and best-of-breed technology ecosystems.  

Digital First – Transformation is Inevitable

Only if the architecture and infrastructure of your content platform are modular will you be agile enough to adapt to new business requirements quickly and at low cost. A composable content platform enables your company to spot business opportunities faster and shorten time-to-market. This increase in agility and flexibility increases the resilience of your organisation and makes you more independent. 

You will create unique content with a convincing user experience, leading to more engagement and an increase in sales revenue.

Everything you need to know about Headless

In this dossier you will find the numerous aspects as well as pros and cons of the new technology.

Headless Dossier

Not Just Hot Air – We Have Proof

Forrester awarded Contentful the highest score of all agile content management systems across six criteria in the 2021 Wave Report. A whopping 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies all over the world already rely on Contentful to make their best ideas come to life.

Unic and Contentful: A Dream Team

Selecting the right technology is one thing. But to harness its full potential, you need someone with experience in fields like user experience, composable architecture, headless content management and design – and we have it all.

Together with Contentful, we not only support you in selecting our solution components but remain an active partner throughout the entire implementation process to ensure that you can reap the full benefits of the Contentful infrastructure.

Discover a whole new world of content management with Contentful – your partner for the future. Contact us to find out how Contentful can boost your business.

A Selection of Our Contenful-Projects

Screenshot Tablet with www.energieschweiz.ch opened

EnergieSchweiz, Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Future of Energy

Incredibly short loading times and relevant content: Contentful, GatsbyJS with React and Kubernetes play seamlessly together on the headless platform we implemented.

The Future of Energy
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with www.jungfrau.ch opened

Jungfraubahnen Management AG

Innovative Sales Manual 2.0

Tailor-made presentations at the push of a button: Jungfrau Railways have digitally transformed their way how their products are sold in B2B markets. A progressive webapp in combination with the headless CMS Contentful makes it possible.

Innovative Sales App 2.0
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with www.swisspass.ch opened


Lots to see and do with SwissPass Smile

SwissPass Smile is a public transport mobility and activity programme for families and young people. swisspass.ch/smile offers a full package of exclusive offerings by partner companies, along with ideas for leisure activities based on public transport and entertainment.

Lots to see and do with SwissPass Smile

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