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As an experienced partner with countless Sitecore Experience Awards on our shelf, we are the right agency to create compelling digital experiences for your customers and added value for you.

Successful Solutions for Customers

As a Sitecore partner, we do not stop at automating marketing and corporate processes for our customers. We aim for a sustainable approach that helps you generate added value for your company from your digital profile. The underlying goal is to build emotional and sustainable customer engagement.

With Sitecore, your marketing becomes context driven. This lets you actively manage your customer experience. You present your customers with content worth reading, on any channel and in real time. That is how you start to truly interact with your customers, providing personalised and relevant content across all channels, from mobile to desktop to point of sale.

Sitecore Digital Experience Platform

Sitecore offers a comprehensive range of cloud solutions designed to create and optimise digital experiences across various channels. The Sitecore Digital Experience Platform includes the Content Cloud, Engagement Cloud and the Commerce Cloud. Every one of these modules plays a specific role in the Sitecore ecosystem and supports you in effectively implementing your digital strategies. Here is a look at these solutions in detail.

Christian HahnloserSeptember 2020

Headless at Zurich Airport – a Look Back

We would like show how we have developed a state-of-the-art platform for Zurich Airport that opens many doors. We present the technologically innovative approaches of this interconnected multisite platform and try to shed light on the question of how decoupled Sitecore Headless really is.

Headless at Zurich Airport – a Look Back

Content Cloud

The Content Cloud is focused on content-specific modules. It provides quick and simple content management, from strategy to the delivery of content. The Content Cloud supports you in efficiently creating, managing and delivering relevant content to multiple channels to ensure that all digital content is controlled in one central location.

Modules in the Sitecore Content Cloud

  • Search – personalised search results that packs a punch. AI-integrated predictions support customers in making the most of personalised search results.

  • XM Cloud – the way to go for content creation and management. A headless CMS with WYSIWYG editor[S1] , forms module and basic functionality for personalisation. Delivering content exactly where you need it, across all channels.

  • Content Hub One – headless, but smart. While the editors focus on creating content, software developers take care of the functionality, independent from the frontend and backend.

  • Content Hub DAM – your central asset hub. Automate your digital asset management, tailored to every touchpoint. Images, video clips and PDF files are stored in one central hub; annoying duplicates are a thing of the past.

  • Content Hub Operations – the way to optimise your content strategy. Work on new content strategies or the new system design as a team while keeping an eye on the availability of resources and compliance requirements. This ensures the necessary transparency in the entire content lifecycle. You create content in a central location and distribute it to the intended channels and countries with just one click. All of this is aligned with your strategy and available in a single cloud application.

Gerrit TaaksNovember 2023

Digital Platforms: Design, Concept, Implementation

Your website and digital services are key elements of your company’s profile and long-term success. To meet all these requirements, you need a solution based on modular architecture: High performance today and strong potential for the future.

Digital Platforms: Design, Concept, Implementation

Engagement Cloud

The Sitecore Engagement Cloud is a suite of SaaS solutions geared to providing a personalised and effective customer experience. It enables companies to understand their customers even better and interact with them in a personalised and scalable manner.

Modules in the Sitecore Engagement Cloud

  • Connect – automate your entire system through integration. Suitable interfaces ensure that your data is available across all platforms and journey-specific information and business processes go hand in hand. A visual map of the entire tech stack provides a comprehensive overview of the system.

  • Send – manage, scale and automate your email campaigns. Boost your email communication with AI features and opt for sustainable e-commerce automation (e.g., in response to abandoned shopping carts), including effective real-time analytics.

  • Customer Data Platform – take your customer data to the next level. Capture, harmonise and activate information across multiple channels – and across all systems, of course.

  • Personalise – create personalised customer experiences across all interactions and channels. Improve the conversion rate of your campaigns and use one tool for a targeted customer approach based on live data around the clock. In future, your marketing measures will harmonise customer demands and business priorities in real-time – channel-specifically, of course.

Commerce Cloud

The Sitecore Commerce Cloud offers a platform for composable e-commerce. It consists of two modules: Discover and the OrderCloud. The latter is based on a modern MACH architecture (microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless). This allows for flexible adaptation to different business models, whether B2B, B2C, B2X, D2C or a marketplace.

Modules in the Sitecore Commerce Cloud

  • Discover – harness integrated commerce search for more aha moments. Discover delivers real-time search results tailored to the needs of the customer and includes all product catalogues in the results. And yes, store stocking levels and customer-specific offers are included.

  • OrderCloud – focus on your core business from now on. Leave hosting, monitoring, backups, geo-redundancy, scaling and updates to Sitecore and/or Unic.

Bottom line: The Sitecore cloud family provides a comprehensive set of tools and platforms to optimise content management, customer engagement and e-commerce for digital experiences – across all channels and systems.

Unic, an Experienced Sitecore Partner

Over the years, we have implemented numerous successful digital solutions with a unique experience for prominent customers. We do not baulk at tackling complex challenges. We master them based on years of experience and expertise.

Numerous awards reflect Unic's Sitecore expertise

Logo Sitecore Platinum Partner

Sitecore Platinum Partner

Due to the numerous and complex Sitecore projects, we proudly carry the status of Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner.

Logo Sitecore Experience Awards 2020 Winner

Sitecore Experience Award

The Sitecore Experience Award honours Sitecore projects that deliver impressive digital customer experiences. To date, we have received the trophy 15 times.

Logo Sitecore Partnering Excellence Partner Awards 2022

Partner Excellence Award

With this award, Sitecore recognises partners who consistently focus on the needs and benefits of their customers.


Sitecore MVP

At Unic, you can count on experienced and certified consultants.

Our Experts are Sitecore Enthusiasts

At Unic, you can count on an experienced and certified team. In 2024, our Sitecore expert Tobias Studer received his sixth Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in the Technology category. He positively radiates passion for the technology.

Ghodrat Ashournia also received a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Technology in 2024. For years now, Ghodrat has been a key driver behind the experience management with Sitecore at Unic. Our customers rely on his expertise daily.

Unic is a Sitecore Platinum Partner

Unic is a long-standing Platinum Partner for the German-speaking region. We are your specialists for challenging Sitecore projects. From personalisation and concepts to development and the integration of surrounding systems to global rollouts: We are your one-stop shop for the implementation of your digital platform with Sitecore.

We Host Your On-premises Sitecore Solution

You are using the on-premises solutions by Sitecore? Be it Sitecore XP (Experience Platform) or Sitecore XM (Experience Manager): We take care of the continual monitoring of your Sitecore web application, from hardware to operation to ongoing development.

A selection of our Sitecore Projects


Global Technology Group ROSEN Launches New Website

For ROSEN Group, Unic designed and implemented a composable DXP with CMS, DAM and search by Sitecore – Rosen-Group.com is online.

Global Technology Group ROSEN Launches New Website
Screenshot Mobile Phone with www.flughafen-zuerich.ch opened

Flughafen Zürich AG

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

With technologically highly innovative solutions and a clear UX orientation, the new multisite platform covers the entire system landscape of Zurich Airport and thus meets the diverse needs.

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

Alte Leipziger – Hallesche Konzern

Next Standard in Customer Communication

With the relaunch of its website, the Group is setting a new standard in communication with its customers. Our experts were responsible for the conception, design and analytics as well as the frontend, application management and the initial set-up of the hosting. The platform runs on Sitecore 9.

Next Standard in Customer Communication
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with wwwmyswitzerland.com opened

Switzerland Tourism

In Love With Switzerland

For MySwitzerland.com we are responsible for the technical conception and architecture, the complex backend development and integration of the existing surrounding systems as well as the operation and georedundant hosting of the infrastructure. We won a Sitecore Experience Award 2020 for the project!

In Love With Switzerland
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with www.jonastone.de opened


High-quality Information, Digital Direct Sales

We have redeveloped the jonastone online shop with a focus on user experience. Of course, we have also improved the Google performance.

High-quality Information, Digital Direct Sales
Screenshot Mobile Phone with kpt.ch opened


KPT – a plus for the “personal” approach

Unic developed a new website for KPT based on Sitecore 9. The result is a digital hub that combines needs, product information, individual premiums and insurance closure in a completely novel way.

KPT – a plus for the “personal” approach

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