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akeneo – A new way of thinking product information management

akeneo is the new rising star among PIM systems. It is user-friendly, multichannel-oriented and still open source. akeneo sets new standards in product information management.

With akeneo you get an intuitive product information management system (PIM) that brings order and efficiency to your complex product management processes. akeneo helps you create a uniform data base for all your channels: whether for your online store, your printed materials or your shop.

Product information management with akeneo

In a product information management system (PIM), you get a tool that helps you centralise and manage all relevant information about your products.

akeneo is the perfect tool because it aims at simplicity and user friendliness. This is how it works

  • Collect: With akeneo, your different product data distributed in different locations can be flexibly and easily collected and integrated.
  • Optimise: In akeneo, you can structure product data, add further information to it as well as translate it. Simple rules allow you to monitor content quality. This allows you to decide that a product can only pass to an output channel if data quality is adequate and no information is missing.
  • Distribute: Once finished, you can publish product data via various channels: online stores, websites, catalogues, mobile applications and shops. You can be sure that product data is uniform and correct.

Your advantages with akeneo

  • Flexibility and innovation: Thanks to its open-source strategy, akeneo can be flexibly adapted and supplemented at any time. akeneo also focuses on innovation and continues to develop the PIM.
  • Simple processes, higher publishing speed: With akeneo, your processes are simplified, you can control your information flows at any time and profit from faster time-to-market of your products.
  • Higher conversion rate: Attractive product presentation, simple filtering possibilities and useful product comparisons have a positive effect on user experience and thus on conversion.
  • No problems with integration: Often, akeneo can be connected to your peripheral systems without any individual development needs. Modules for Magento (E-Commerce) or Drupal (CMS) already exist.

Our partnership with akeneo

  • We are pioneers: Unic is one of the first akeneo partners and does pioneering work in the application of akeneo.
  • We are integration experts: Thanks to optimal integration of akeneo PIM into your system, you can create a crucial difference compared to your competitors. With Unic, you benefit from our many years of experience in system integration.
  • We serve you all around: We support you from PIM strategy through data and process modelling to implementation and operation of the PIM system.
In Unic we have found a strong partner who understands our solution and knows how to take a critical step forward in digital business.

These customers trust us with their akeneo projects

Kuratle & Jaecker new B2B-Commerce

Kuratle & Jaecker Digitalizing B2B

Unic implemented the new B2B commerce solution for the timber trader Kuratle & Jaecker. We provide consulting services and are in charge of designing and implementing as well as hosting and operating the new website.

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