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Contentful – our partner for content infrastructure and headless CMS

We are the first Swiss partner of Contentful. Contentful offers an alternative to the classic content management systems. Is Contentful the optimal system for you? We introduce you to our partner with its solution and advise you comprehensively in the search for the suitable content management system.

The decoupling of frontend and backend

Contentful is more than a web-based CMS. In contrast to traditional CMS, Contentful separates content creation and content management from the playout and final presentation of the content. It decouples the frontend from the backend. You get free and flexible use of your content across all communication channels. Contentful provides an excellent basis for true multi-channel communication. Free yourself from monolithic content frameworks!

How does Contentful work?

Free and flexible content management – for any channel

The Contentful Headless CMS offers you a content infrastructure without displaying properties. You can freely create and manage the content on the platform. Because unlike traditional CMS, Contentful does not give you any content models. You have full freedom to define your own content models.

The interfaces spread your content wherever you want it

To display this content, Contentful interfaces (RESTful APIs) are available. Now you can deliver your content through the channels you want: from different websites, mobile applications, apps and social media platforms, to any other platform you operate. And of course in different languages.

Efficiency with automated workflows

With the headless system you have the possibility to develop automated workflows. This allows you to capture content centrally and distribute it quickly and efficiently. If you run many websites and apps and share a significant part of your content, Contentful is the right choice for you.

But what about the website? It still has to be created?

With Contentful you manage your entire content. The development of your website can therefore concentrate on what matters to you. Thus, you can choose exactly the right technology for your case. Our UX, design and frontend experts create a user interface tailored to your needs. We connect this to your content in Contentful via a RESTful API (interface). You decide which content is to be published and in what form via the website channel, and you already have your web platform.

The advantages of Contentful

Contentful enables your team to use the preferred frameworks and services to develop content for the modern multi-channel world. Break away from static patterns and rigid layout thinking. Become flexible and think in the form of the stories you want to tell and the channels you want to reach your customers through.

  • Everything in one place: You have a content infrastructure for everything. Publish your content centrally in one place for web, mobile, social, apps and much more.
  • Easy to use for editors: With an intuitive and powerful markdown editor, editorial teams can quickly play out their content.
  • Easy service integration: Integrate your existing services or create new ones.
  • Comprehensive support: Contentful provides you with the support that meets your needs. Whether you have 10, 100 or more authors.
  • Software development productivity: The API allows developers to freely use their preferred programming languages and tools that they can integrate into their own deployment pipeline.
  • Worldwide distribution: Contentful distributes content and assets worldwide via CDNs right from the start.

Close partnership between Contentful and Unic

You can expect more from the partnership between Contentful and Unic: Together we do not only advise you at the beginning in the selection of Contentful – Unic actively involves Contentful in the entire implementation process and lets Contentful's specialists regularly check the chosen solution. This is how we ensure that you can benefit optimally from Contentful's infrastructure.

Unics Kompetenz in Beratung und Entwicklung von Headless CMS

​Headless Content Management System

Do you need a classic or a headless CMS? The new and flexible headless approach might be the right way for you. We will show you what a Headless CMS has to offer, and will help you find the suitable solution.