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Inxmail – Email marketing made easy

We are Gold Certified Partners of Inxmail and therefore hold the highest level of certification. Together with Inxmail, we set the standard for high-quality and innovative email marketing.

Inxmail – The all-rounder

Inxmail products enable you to create and manage newsletters, emailing lists, personalised serial emails, to add value to transaction emailing, and much more. At the same time, we meet the highest requirements with regard to data protection, performance, compatibility and integration with peripheral systems.

Through Unic's email templates you receive: 

  • the best accessibility
  • excellent deliverability
  • optimal representation across all device classes
  • high usability
  • easy expandability

With Inxmail, you also benefit from a highly available and reliable transmission infrastructure fit for even higher delivery and dispatch rates.

Advantages of Inxmail

  1. Security, privacy and cloud hosting: These features make Inxmail hosting an ideal choice. The compliance of Unic with the extensive measures is certified by ISO certification 27001. That means that we comply with security and privacy requirements, such as those demanded by banks and insurance companies.
  2. Continuous development: The bi-weekly release cycle enables automatic and smooth access to the latest features.
  3. Integratability, connectivity and APIs: Inxmail's versatile interfaces allow integration with any third-party system.
  4. Support, availability, response times and SLA: 365 days a year, we work with Inxmail to ensure the service, support and the availability / hosting of your email marketing. We also offer individual response time arrangements.

Gold partner since 2003

This close cooperation has led to more than 500 successfully implemented projects. Thereby, we have always been able to contribute to the further development of our products.

Unic has been one of our most important strategic service providers since 2003!

These customers trust us with their current Inxmail projects

  • BEKB – Kundin von Unic im digitalen Bankengeschäft
  • Credit Suisse
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