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Sitecore Experience Platform – more than just "web content management"

Use Sitecore to put your customers in the centre of digital activities and win customers for life.

Using Sitecore, Unic enables companies to automate marketing and business processes, and at the same time build emotional and unique customer engagement.

 Whether you want to manage web content or design the entire customer relationship, Sitecore will make your marketing contextual and allow you to control the customer experience consciously.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Get in touch with your customers and address them in a targeted manner across all channels and in real time. In this case, the success factor is context marketing. Design personalised and relevant customer experiences by operating in the context of customer interactions – past and present.

Three ingredients of successful context marketing:

Web content management – The leading content managements (WCM) on the market is an integrated platform that supports global, multilingual content. It is user-friendly for the sake of marketing teams and offers high performance to IT teams.

Customer knowledge – How does each individual customer interact with your company? The Sitecore back-end database collects this information and analyses it – in real time and based on historical data. A uniform directory of all relevant interaction data on a single platform.

Cross channel implementation – Connect you web content and customer knowledge with omnichannel functions. This is how you design contextual, i.e. always relevant customer experiences. Turn on the right content, at the right moment, on the right device, and in the right channel.

Sitecore is much more than a content management system. Together, in the last few years, we have implemented e-business solutions involving unique customer experiences for notable clients. We don’t shy away from complex projects and solve them thanks to our many years of experience and expertise.

Since the very beginning, our Sitecore solutions have received many prestigious awards – from the Sitecore Site of the Year, the Master of Swiss Web up to the Swiss E-Commerce Award.

We are proud to have two Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals at Unic

Sitecore has granted the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for the 11th time. It is granted to distinguish experts that passionately engage their knowledge and experiences in the Sitecore community, and make sure the platform becomes established among clients and partners. Read about our MVP on our Techblog:


As a long-standing Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner, we specialise in demanding Sitecore projects – from personalisation, integration of peripheral systems, up to global rollouts – all from a single source for the entire life cycle of the solution.