Frontend Development

Our goal is a frontend that is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. Our frontend team works closely and iteratively with conception, design and backend. We make sure that concept and design are optimally implemented. This is where customers enjoy the User Interface of you web application.

We know your requirements before we start to develop

First we want to know what the frontend has to do. Our frontend developers deal with your needs and requirements. That's why we start with the frontend specification.

Frontend Specification

  • The non-functional requirements: Together with you, we define which browsers and devices are supported from the desktop to the mobile devices. We also clarify which accessibility guidelines must be observed (WCAG level). In addition, we define with you which performance indicators such as loading times, file sizes or display in the browser (rendering) the application must meet.

  • The functional requirements: We define what the site as a whole and the components in detail must be able to do. What are the functionalities? How is the user interface designed?

The frontend prototype according to your needs

This is how we start with web development – tailored to your needs. We build a frontend prototype for you. This prototype is more or less static depending on the project and is created in the form of a reusable pattern library. If your project has a strong applicational character, we will build a more dynamic solution for you. We create the code based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Clean backend integration

The prototype serves as the basis for the backend implementation. If possible, the templates can be reused in any backend technology.

Living Style Guide

The prototype's pattern library can also serve as a Living Style Guide. This way you always have design and code clearly documented and automatically up to date. Designers and developers stay in line and complex interfaces can be managed cleanly.

More about Living Style Guide

Modular and flexible

During development, our Web developers divide the frontend into individual, clear components. We develop these components in such a way that they can be used flexibly and reused.

Your advantages with our frontend development

  • We guarantee high accessibility: Our goal is a website that is accessible. The product should also be well usable for visitors with limited abilities. In our development work, for example, we make sure that keyboard operability and the use of screen readers are perfectly possible.

  • Accessible to all: We work closely with the "Access for all" foundation. It is the only certification body for accessibility in Switzerland. We support the foundation as technical experts and actively participate in its Accessibility Developer Guide. In addition, we regularly test which technical implementations are actually accessible.

  • High performance: With our frontend development you benefit from high performance.

  • Interdisciplinary and connected: We rely on an agile and iterative cooperation with conception, design and backend development.

  • The best code for the best solution: We deliver a clean framework based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Best Practices at work: You benefit from our many years of know-how and best practices.

Accessibility: barrier-free websites

We want content and information on the web to be accessible to all people without obstacles. That's why we focus on the implementation of barrier-free websites, right from the conception, design and front-end development stages.

Accessibility: barrier-free websites

Our offer more than frontend development

We think holistically. Thus we also offer the appropriate tools that lead our projects to success:

  • Pattern Library: Avoid inconsistencies, uncontrolled growth and unnecessary duplication of design and web-based functionalities. Historically grown features, which are not coordinated, belong to the past. The Pattern Library also serves as a long-lived Living Style Guide. In this way, your website remains consistent even in the further development after Golive.

  • Darvin Webpack Boilerplate: Darvin is the next generation of static site generators! It's jam-packed with features, allowing you to easily create and showcase CMS-agnostic frontend modules in all kinds of sizes!

  • Frontend preview server: You can monitor the development status of the frontend at any time during the project. We provide you with a unique URL. You can always see what we have changed in the meantime.

More Insights from our Frontend Developers

The picture shows the display of a notebook. A frontend engineer is sitting in front of it, working on the frontend as part of the relaunch of You can recognise lines of code and the website itself.

Nicole BuriMarch 2018

The objective was an attractive, robust and accessible Frontend for

Marius Bleuer and Yves Tscherry, Frontend Engineers at Unic, have had their share in the relaunch of They are talking about the Frontend-specific objectives and challenges of the Project.

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Nicole Buri1

Nicole Buri

Fredi BachSeptember 2019

Frontend First API Mocking

Great API mocking can make testing easier and reveal UI and UX problems early in a project. Because we weren’t happy with current services and libraries, we’ve built a new service to fulfil our needs. You can check it out over here – it’s called FakeQL.

Frontend First API Mocking

Fredi Bach

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