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Benefit from the dynamics of a responsive organization

Use the knowledge and the energy of your staff in order to survive in a dynamic future. We offer consulting, coaching and training in order to optimally orchestrate elements: Individual, Organization and Technology and at the same time shape the Work in a different way. Our reliable model and our experience supported by clear objectives will lead to your success.

Work spans between the conflicting priorities including Individual, Technology and Organization. We will reconcile those three important factors with you, with the aim to shape an agile, vibrant organization consisting of happy staff members.


experience – act – lead

An individual experiences a new working environment in different ways, and acts according to new rules. The demands with regards to self-responsibility, meaningfulness and personal development possibilities have gone up.

Define anew the Leadership, Management and Cooperation in your organization in order to win and retain the best employees for your company.

Ivo BättigJanuary 2018

Much to learn and unlearn – from our holacracy practice at Unic – Part 1

Unic introduced Holacracy. And now? In his first blog entry on our Holacracy practice at Unic, Ivo Bättig examines, among other things, the questions: What things are new to learn? And more importantly, what things are there to unlearn?

Much to Learn and Unlearn – From Our Holacracy Practice Part 1


structure – develop – energize

In order to live Work in a different way, an appropriate environment must be created. Identify how your organization can be structured anew and how you can build your personal future work place thanks to agile processes, new management structures and inclusion of your venues and how you can add energy to your organization.

Ivo BättigMarch 2018

External communication and leadership – from the holacracy practice at Unic – part 2

Unic introduced holacracy – and now? In his second article on the holacracy practice at Unic, Ivo Bättig explores the following questions: How does communication with the outside world work, where the world is not organized according to holacracy? And: We have no more bosses, do we not need any leaders?

External Communication and Leadership – Holacracy Practice Part 2


use – support – create

We will help you choose the matching tools and apply them in the right way. Agile methods and processes will support your work in an optimal manner, and thanks to using modern methods and technologies better results will be produced quicker.

Advantage through agility and innovation 

Take the decisive step in advance and respond to the dynamic environment with agility and innovation. Become the driving force of the development. Achieve:

  • higher agility thanks to more decentralized decision-making competencies of your staff

  • quicker and continuous adaptation of your organization to the dynamic and complex market environment

  • less storage tanks and more customer focus

  • more innovation through more tests

  • an organization system which corresponds to a modern concept of a human being

  • a great employer sought after by employees

Unic has been a reliable partner to me for several months now. In HR Sourcing, Recruiting & Talents at SBB, I introduced the Holacracy organisation system and receive professional advice on the change and transformation process.

Erika Ingold
Lead Link HR Sourcing, Recruting & Talents, SBB AG

Unic is your partner in practice for responsive organizations

On 1 April 2017, Unic along with its 250 employees in 5 business locations transformed into a new, responsive organization model. Thereby we have carried out one of the biggest transformations in this part of Europe, and accomplished on that occasion a great deal of pioneer work.

We would like to share our experience, which we have acquired both during the preparation stage of the transformation and during the practical phase, with other organizations, as we are convinced that Work should be lived differently in order for the company to ensure that it is successful in the future and can win the best employees.

Unic is one of the few partners in practice to carry out such an undertaking, which can bring in effective experience from the every-day business life and has the relevant advanced knowledge.

Thanks to Unic's professional competence, complemented by practical experience, we benefit from support with great added value for all parties involved.

Erika Ingold
Lead Link HR Sourcing, Recruting & Talents, SBB AG

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Our offer for your responsive organization

We will help you ensure that the vital elements: Individual, Organization and Technology are optimally orchestrated in order to shape your work in a different and better way, and thus we offer you:

  • presentations

  • courses and training

  • consultancy

  • coaching

  • tooling

Please note: Unic is not a certified Holacracy(R) provider, and is not offering any ‘classical’ Holacracy(R) training! Our training concentrates on practice and added value for responsive organization systems. 

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Small steps, big inpact: Your way into self-organisation

From new forms of meetings to adapted decision-making paths, to focused feedbacks or leadership topics: With your company, you can take the first step towards a responsive, learning organisation. Our seminars will support you in this gradually.

Small steps, big inpact: Your way into self-organisation

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