Public Cloud – We Move Your Web Application to the Cloud

Harness the Power of the Public Cloud

The public cloud offers many advantages for your company’s web hosting: increased flexibility, efficiency, productivity, scalability and lower costs.

With its Azure services, Microsoft in particular offers flexible solutions for different types of IT services. With our hosting portfolio, we focus on our key skills: Creating and hosting experience and commerce platforms.

Let Us Take You to the Cloud

The transition to public cloud hosting places huge demands on any IT department. Our experts can advise you on the best approach. Replacing existing IT infrastructure with cloud services or migrating to the cloud will bring new challenges and require new concepts. We will support you in developing and implementing them.

We have accompanied these customers into the cloud

Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with opened


eFood – Home Delivery Shop created in Record Time

Using an MVP approach, we created an online shop for the retail store in record time. The shop solution is based on the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS and offers a highly scalable and needs-based system.

eFood – Home Delivery Shop created in Record Time
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Flughafen Zürich AG

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

With technologically highly innovative solutions and a clear UX orientation, the new multisite platform covers the entire system landscape of Zurich Airport and thus meets the diverse needs.

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

The Hybrid Cloud

One option for a step-by-step transition is a hybrid application: the combination of public and private clouds to create a hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud solution will help your company mitigate data and IT security risks – with sensitive data, in particular. At the same time, hybrid hosting will allow your company to profit from the scalability and availability of the public cloud.

More Responsibility for the IT Department – We Provide Support

When you move your platform to the cloud, your IT is in charge of its operation. Besides conventional IT infrastructure such as network and storage operation, cloud computing offers new key success factors:

  • 24/7 high availability

  • Scaling

  • Web security

  • Caching

  • End-to-end monitoring of processes

We can support your company in the transformation of web hosting. We will flexibly manage operations and act as an interface between the digital marketing and IT teams. You profit from our long-term hosting experience with commerce systems and experience platforms, both in our own private cloud as well as at Microsoft Azure or AWS.

This is how we’ve split the portfolio for our public cloud services:

public cloud services  large

Cloud Architecture

To harness the full potential of cloud computing, we recommend implementing architecture applications such as infrastructure as code (IaC) and DevOps.

Our cloud architecture services include:

  • Architecture review and switching to infrastructure as code

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery with Azure DevOps

  • Planning which data to store where

  • Cost analysis and recommendations

Cloud Migration

We can support you in setting up your platform in the cloud. We will also liaise with your previous infrastructure provider as part of the migration project. There are two options to choose from:

  1. We take over the entire set-up of the public cloud services and train your IT department for the hand-over of operations.

  2. We include your internal IT department in the set-up. Together with the previous provider, we draft a cutover and fallback plan and monitor the go-live. We also support you in adapting the service management processes and monitoring.

Cloud Operations

We host the web application in the following variants without distinction:

  • As a managed service in your public cloud,

  • in our tenant of Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services,

  • or in your tenant of Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Our DevOps experts as well as our dedicated Azure and AWS teams are available for you around the clock. They will ensure the 24/7 availability and performance of your application.

Cloud Consulting

Is your company already running its experience or commerce platform in the cloud? Would you still like to have access to our experts from time to time for things like problem management, performance issues, load peaks or new features? Then our 3rd-level support cloud architects are the right solution for you. For the quotation, we will first define together the required response times and the expected volume in hours.

Our cloud services can be tailored to your specific needs. How can we support you? Feel free to contact a member of our cloud team for a chat about your cloud needs.

Any questions? I’d be happy to answer them.

Senior Sales Consultant Operations

    Stefanie Berger
    Stefanie Berger