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It is the people who make Unic unique

Countless people have accompanied Unic over the past 25 years. They have helped shape Unic and written unforgettable stories. We are telling 25 personal stories for 25 years of Unic. Every week until the end of the year, we will post a new personal anecdote from our employees.

Michel Dennler – Laughing Together – Story 4 of 25

Michel Dennler, Senior Project Manager at Unic for over 10 years, has a lot to tell. In his personal story of 25 years at Unic, he gives us an amusing insight into what makes our culture so special.

Dawid Dworak – Like on a Rock-solid Ship – Story 3 of 25

Dawid Dworak has been our polyglot Senior Application Engineer and Sitecore Specialist for seven years now. He started in March 2014 in Wrocław and is known to everyone for his cheerful personality.

Many years back, I came across a picture that showed several beautiful ships floating on a calm sea on a nice, sunny day. There would not be anything unusual about this drawing without the text underneath: It said that all ships can sail in calm waters but only the most reliable ones with the best crews will do well in stormy weather.

Dawid Dworak, Senior Application Engineer in Wroclaw.
Dawid Dworak, Senior Application Engineer in Wroclaw.

I mention this in the context of the shock that touched us all in March and April last year. The coronavirus news was everywhere. The feeling of uncertainty was spreading all around us. 

I like how Unic handled the situation. I am very thankful to Unic and my colleagues across all locations for their flexibility and hard work that made the transition to working from home go very smoothly:

  • Equipping us with right hardware and software, and ensuring transparent communication.
  • Letting us self-organise, which resulted in weekly team meetings.
  • Organising a tech lead forum that enabled us to solve the most challenging problems for our customers. 

I felt like I was on a rock-solid ship that cut through the stormy waves to reach its destination.

Anita Hermecz – Stay Tuned – Story 2 of 25

Anita Hermecz, Office Manager and with Unic for 15 years, is our good soul at the Bern location. After 15 years with us, she gives an insight into what this long time at Unic means to her.

On 1 June 2006, exactly 15 years ago, I had my first working day at Unic in Berne. A time full of changes lies behind me. And so for me it's the same today as it was 15 years ago: Always stay tuned.

Patricia Gomez – Story 1 of 25

We start with Patricia Gomez, Application Architect in Karlsruhe. She tells us about the beginnings at Unic Karlsruhe 10 years ago and how some very special friendships were formed during that time.