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It Is the People Who Make Unic Unique

Countless people have accompanied Unic over the past 25 years. They have helped shape Unic and written unforgettable stories. We are telling 25 personal stories for 25 years of Unic. Every week until the end of the year, we will post a new personal anecdote from our employees.

Daniel Risch – of Misunderstandings Due to the Dialect – Story 16 of 25

Daniel Risch was our Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Consulting from 2007 to 2014. Today, he is Head of Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. For our 25th anniversary, he looks back on his time at Unic. For this, he has retrieved a particularly nice anecdote for us from his memories.

Melanie Klühe – A Decade of Unic and Not a Bit Boring – Story 15 of 25

Melanie Klühe is one of our returnees. With her calm manner, she accompanies our existing clients on their digital journey, she inspires new clients for Unic and, as our yoga teacher, helps us against our back tensions.

Even before the introduction of Holocracy, it was possible to take on different roles within Unic. As a business economist specialising in media and communication, I was able to develop from a classic consultant role to a business unit manager to a member of the extended management team.

After five years, a trip to the customer and partner side lured me to see digital solutions in action or to introduce them. I had the opportunity to build up the online properties department at a Big Four company and to head the marketing and sales department at an SAP partner.

But somehow Unic, with its interdisciplinary teamwork, didn't let me go, and so I returned. I still fondly remember a greeting from a former colleague: "It's good to have you back, no matter what role."

Melanie Klühe supports our clients with their projects and us employees with a tense back.
Melanie Klühe supports our clients with their projects and us employees with a tense back.

I have a deep insight into the processes of clients and the implementation of complex enterprise architectures. This enables me to take a 360-degree view and exploit the potential for our clients.

Therefore, in my current dual role as Sales Consultant and Account Manager, I feel a great need to inspire new customers for Unic and to accompany existing customers for many years on their path to digitalisation.

My personal balance is enhanced by the fact that, in addition to my challenging job at Unic, I have also been able to pursue my second passion for some years now, namely as a professional yoga teacher. Not only our clients benefit from this, but also the Unic team when we meet together on the mat for yoga.

For me, Unic is and remains an inspiring work environment that is still enriching after ten years.

Dirk Nölke – Human, Diverse & Encouraging – Story 14 of 25

"It's not boring at Unic." Dirk Nölke, #family #customerjourney #digital, can say that after more than 10 years with us. For him, Unic is primarily about three things: human, diverse & encouraging.

Sonja Odermatt – Friendships for Life – Story 13 of 25

Sonja Odermatt, #projectmanager #teamwaterice #bridgebuilder: Like hardly anyone else at Unic, she stands for our claim "We make digital human". Everyone at Unic knows her. There is hardly anyone who she has not helped at least once in the last 10 years.

Martin Kriegler – Creating Something Big Together

Martin Kriegler has been working as a Senior Application Architect at Karlsruhe for nine years. His passion is the SAP Commerce Cloud.

For me, Unic has stood for three things in particular over the past nine years:

  • The opportunity for everyone to develop through their individual strengths.
  • Exciting tasks with a great team spirit.
  • And above all, a great community of unique colleagues who create something big together.
Martin Kriegler, Application Architect, seit 9 Jahren bei Unic in Karlsruhe
Martin Kriegler, Application Architect, seit 9 Jahren bei Unic in Karlsruhe

Andrea Malele – Steep Learning Curve – Story 11 of 25

Andrea Malele has been a Senior Consultant with us for 5 years. She is known for always asking the critical questions. She supports our clients with her high level of expertise in digital marketing, marketing automation and search engine optimisation.

Half a year after I started, Unic 2017 transformed into self-organisation. The euphoria was great and my learning curve was very steep. Today, I particularly appreciate two things about Unic:

  1. Our roles and thus our tasks are transformable.
  2. We have better alternatives to the classic periodic team meetings with the same agenda items over and over again.

With that, I accept something. Namely, the total uncertainty as to whether I could and would ever want to integrate into a classic line organisation again.

Andrea Malele, Senior Consultant at Unic in Berne for 5 years
Andrea Malele, Senior Consultant at Unic in Berne for 5 years

Sascha Bader – Connected with Us for 16 Years – Story 10 of 25

Sascha Bader, CDO at Ochsner Sport, can look back on a long history with us: Already 16 years ago, he was able to build a B2B and B2C e-commerce platform together with us for a sports brand. A few years later, he joined us as a consultant and advised our customers on their e-commerce projects.

After these exciting three years with great Unic colleagues, Sascha Bader switched back to the client side. As the person responsible for e-commerce at Ochsner Sport. And there we are connected again, as our development team works hand in hand with the Ochsner Sport team on their platform.

Monika Kwiatek – The Beauty of a Video Call – Story 9 of 25

Monika Kwiatek has been our Application Engineer on various Sitecore projects for three years now. She has worked on major projects including Zurich Airport, BEKB and Alte Leipziger – Hallesche.

Meeting in person gives us the invaluable opportunity to connect in order to build relationships or do business. As we work from various places, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic, we usually only connect with each other via video calls. However, if you ask someone from Unic, they will tell you that the results of our collaborations are excellent. What is the secret? I will focus here on what I describe as “the beauty of a video call”. 

Seeing each other helps us to better understand the message. We can focus on the speakers and empathise with them. Turning on cameras depends on you as well as the unwritten policy of the company. At Unic, we want to “see” each other. And making friendships is a lot easier that way.

Monika Kwiatek, our engineer on Sitecore projects. She spreads a positive mood on all projects, convinces with her expertise and is very well connected.
Monika Kwiatek, our engineer on Sitecore projects. She spreads a positive mood on all projects, convinces with her expertise and is very well connected.

It was not until I compared us to other companies that I became aware of how powerful this simple step is. Surprisingly, turning the cameras on is not such a common approach. When I talked to my colleagues from other companies about remote work, they said that it is not working out for them and even their coworkers’ friendships had collapsed. They told me that they do not turn on their cameras. One of my friends would not recognise most of the people that he is working with. As a result, they have no engagement among their team members.

I am happy about how we handle things at Unic. So, if you are wondering whether it is possible to make friends with people via remote work, I can tell you that it is possible! We truly emphasise the human aspect of collaboration. And, hopefully, we will finally meet at the next party when it is possible once again.

Reto Eggimann – I Am Made for Unic – Story 8 of 25

Reto Eggimann: #delivery #problemsolver #holacracy. Reto has managed countless projects over the last seven years. He advises and coaches whenever a project becomes particularly challenging. And he knows exactly where to start when problems arise.

Stephi Batliner – an Alumna Remembers – Story 7 of 25

Stephi Batliner, #bbclondon #humancentereddesign #unicalumna, worked at Unic as a user interface designer from 2013 to 2016. She has fond memories of her time with us.

Marc Steinhoff – Writing 20 Years of Unic History with Us – Story 6 of 25

Marc Steinhoff is our Unic veteran. He has been with us as a senior application engineer in the field of email marketing for no less than 20 years. Nobody can imagine Unic without him.

What a journey... 20 years ago, I came to Unic by chance and had no idea that it would mean the "fiddler's pound" for me. Being able to experience Unic's change over this long period of time has been incredibly rewarding. Because it never gets boring. Today I get to live in my favourite city, Hamburg, and work with my extraordinary colleagues and friends on a daily basis.

In my work, I can gain an enormous amount of exciting insights into companies, their structures and challenges. And I always have a very warm team behind me.

The best decision was not to start at Unic, but to stay!

Marc Steinhoff has been with Unic as an application engineer for 20 years!
Marc Steinhoff has been with Unic as an application engineer for 20 years!

Jutta Weber – Like a Family – Story 5 of 25

Jutta Weber, Senior UX Architect and UX Consultant, is our main conceptual support at the Munich office. She has previously implemented numerous projects in Zurich, such as the Concordia website.

Jutta Weber, Senior UX Architect & Consultant, München
Jutta Weber, Senior UX Architect & Consultant, München
Unic has almost become like a family to me. I feel valued and work with great people.

Michel Dennler – Laughing Together – Story 4 of 25

Michel Dennler, Senior Project Manager at Unic for over 10 years, has a lot to tell. In his personal story of 25 years at Unic, he gives us an amusing insight into what makes our culture so special.

Dawid Dworak – Like on a Rock-solid Ship – Story 3 of 25

Dawid Dworak has been our polyglot Senior Application Engineer and Sitecore Specialist for seven years now. He started in March 2014 in Wrocław and is known to everyone for his cheerful personality.

Many years back, I came across a picture that showed several beautiful ships floating on a calm sea on a nice, sunny day. There would not be anything unusual about this drawing without the text underneath: It said that all ships can sail in calm waters but only the most reliable ones with the best crews will do well in stormy weather.

Dawid Dworak, Senior Application Engineer in Wroclaw.
Dawid Dworak, Senior Application Engineer in Wroclaw.

I mention this in the context of the shock that touched us all in March and April last year. The coronavirus news was everywhere. The feeling of uncertainty was spreading all around us. 

I like how Unic handled the situation. I am very thankful to Unic and my colleagues across all locations for their flexibility and hard work that made the transition to working from home go very smoothly:

  • Equipping us with right hardware and software, and ensuring transparent communication.
  • Letting us self-organise, which resulted in weekly team meetings.
  • Organising a tech lead forum that enabled us to solve the most challenging problems for our customers. 

I felt like I was on a rock-solid ship that cut through the stormy waves to reach its destination.

Anita Hermecz – Stay Tuned – Story 2 of 25

Anita Hermecz, Office Manager and with Unic for 15 years, is our good soul at the Bern location. After 15 years with us, she gives an insight into what this long time at Unic means to her.

On 1 June 2006, exactly 15 years ago, I had my first working day at Unic in Berne. A time full of changes lies behind me. And so for me it's the same today as it was 15 years ago: Always stay tuned.

Patricia Gomez – Story 1 of 25

We start with Patricia Gomez, Application Architect in Karlsruhe. She tells us about the beginnings at Unic Karlsruhe 10 years ago and how some very special friendships were formed during that time.