Diversity and Inclusion

We are convinced that diversity makes us strong. A vibrant culture and a variety of different people and perspectives promote innovation and help us understand the world better.

Inclusion/Integration meet Cultural Variety

  • We connect people from within and outside Unic who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

  • We initiate, promote and take action on initiatives and projects on diversity and inclusion.

  • We act as an ambassador for diversity and inclusion – not just within the company, but also in our external communications.

  • We raise awareness among our employees for issues surrounding LGBTI diversity.

  • We provide our employees with information and resources on harassment and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or identity.

One team – one spirit – one Unic. Being truly a part of international team is very important. The feeling of being an equal team member, whose opinion matters regardless of role, experience, nationality, or language you speak is fantastic. It is priceless to exchange opinions, share knowledge or have brainstorming sessions with my Unic colleagues from different locations. Our communication is always open, full of mutual understanding and respect, not only towards ourselves, but also different values we represent. Diversity is a key.


We approach diversity and inclusion in the same way we approach Holacracy: with the power of small steps.

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Step by step we drive these issues and try to keep improving our diversity and work environment. And we have many people on our side – all the employees at Unic who are already working towards more diversity and inclusion in various projects. Thank you for being allies.


We have already been rewarded for our efforts: We are delighted to be one of ten new organisations in 2022 to bear the Swiss LGBTI label. We are also a signatory party to the Diversity Charter, which promotes a respectful work environment free of prejudice.

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Carmen CandinasJuly 2022

LGBTI Label: For More Diversity and Inclusion

The LGBTI label is awarded to organisations striving to establish equal rights for LGBTI individuals in their company. On our journey to this seal of quality, we adapted existing processes and created new ones, had some very interesting conversations and learned a great deal.

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Carmen Candinas

Nadine SchlegelJune 2022

Workplace 2.0: Feel Good and Do Your Best Work

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Portrait of Nadine Schlegel, Human Resources, Unic

Nadine Schlegel

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