Our culture at Unic

What Drives Our Culture

Open Communication

Our culture is driven by communication on an equal footing, mutual trust and the integrity of our employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity makes us strong. A more diverse workforce makes for greater success. Different perspectives promote innovation and help us understand our customers and ourselves better.

Be Yourself

Whatever your gender, age, ethnic background, faith or sexual orientation – at Unic, you get to be yourself.


Our success requires teamwork as well as the personal commitment and entrepreneurial spirit of all our employees.

Respect and Responsibility

We respect different opinions, views and cultures. We engage in dialogue to improve our expertise, processes, structures and solutions.

Individual and Team Contribution

We rely on the individual and collective skills and the multifaceted, interdisciplinary teamwork of our employees.

Personal and Team Development

We promote personal and team development. To us, the long-term expansion of your personal skillset is a key part of your job.

We humanise the digital.

Our purpose
  • 29%
    of our employees are women.
  • 39%
    of our employees work part-time.
  • 24%
    of our employees are over 45 years old.

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