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Mobile Tickets: Convenience for Train Attendants and Travellers

  • David Keusch

Travel tickets for public transport are increasingly purchased via digital channels. Thanks to an ingenious solution, tickets purchased online by SBB are being delivered to travellers immediately in the form of an e-mail ticket since 2017. Train attendants can check the validity of tickets at any time by means of a simple scan.

It's fun to simplify and optimise complex processes with Inxmail Commerce. Together we were able to generate great added value for travellers and train attendants in a short time and on a low budget.

Integration of Inxmail Commerce

In 2017, around one third of all SBB tickets were purchased via the mobile app or the online ticket shop. In 2021 it's two out of three. To meet the needs of mobile customers, SBB, in cooperation with us, has therefore also optimised the dispatch of travel tickets: A combination of innovative e-mail technologies and the extremely reliable Inxmail Commerce dispatch system was integrated into SBB's complex system landscape for the fully automated dispatch of tickets.

Each ticket purchase immediately and fully automatically triggers the creation and dispatch of a valid e-mail travel ticket. The embedded QR code is even available offline, making it the perfect alternative for a printed ticket. A simple scan with the recording equipment is sufficient to check the validity of the ticket. Printing out the ticket and waiting for mobile phone reception are thus completely eliminated.

Accessible, Clear and Responsive

An accessible, visually appealing and clear design as well as the dispatch of tickets in the respective language of the customer additionally promotes a positive customer experience. The tickets are responsively optimised for display on a wide variety of devices and take into account the accessibility standard for e-mails developed by us. In addition, the solution also optimally meets SBB's very high requirements in terms of availability and speed.

The e-mail tickets offer the train attendants and the customers a high level of convenience. Thanks to the link with Inxmail Commerce, we can use this touchpoint to increasingly provide customers with helpful services during their journey.

Personalised Recommendations Along the Travel Route

Thanks to the flexible solution and its easy integration, it is now planned to enrich the e-mail tickets with personalised recommendations along the customer's travel route. With this stable architecture, we have laid the foundation for further innovations. We are curious to see how the e-mail tickets will develop further.

  • 99,99% Service availability
  • Over 50 Mio. e-mail tickets per year
  • Two thirds of ticket sales via online and mobile channels
  • 114 E-Mailings optimised with Inxmail Commerce

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