Drupal – Your Flexible Enterprise CMS

Drupal 9 at a Glance

  • User friendly – Drupal provides editorial teams with an easy way to create, maintain and manage any kind of content.

  • Ready for complex requirements – Built-in functionality and modules and the underlying system architecture facilitate the implementation of complex requirements.

  • Versatile – Drupal covers the entire range of today’s CMS and web 2.0 requirements: from a simple microsite to an international corporate website with a community portal to a comprehensive online shop.

  • Secure – An intricate role and rights management system plus workflow configuration enable adaptation to individual publication processes. In addition, a dedicated security advisory board monitors the Drupal CMS, making sure it is always up to date.

  • Community – Drupal is one of the most successful open-source projects in the world. Its widespread use and professional developer community ensure ongoing development and additions.

Headless Architecture – Strong, Flexible Performance

Drupal has been successful in the market for more than 20 years now and is well known for the non-stop evolution of the platform and the continual growth of the active community. With major version 8 (2015), Drupal introduced an API-first approach. Decades of system growth and the decoupled options in the current Drupal version 9 make it an ideal basis for a wide range of web projects. It forms the core element of our architecture.

A headless architecture offers many advantages:

  • The focus on interfaces enables efficient integration of third-party systems and provision of data from Drupal.

  • Decoupling the backend and frontend provides added flexibility for new developments.

  • Depending on the target group and channel, information can be enriched and delivered in a targeted fashion.

  • The perfect interplay between architecture components lets you create an exceptional user experience: A well-composed technology stack combined with modern frontend technologies makes for fast loading times and optimised rendering on all devices.

A headless architecture based on Drupal means technical flexibility for you and an excellent experience for your customers on your website.

Everything you need to know about Headless

In this dossier you will find the numerous aspects as well as pros and cons of the new technology.

Headless Dossier

Drupal Commerce – Successful Shopping Experience

Drupal Commerce is closely integrated with the current version of the Drupal module landscape. The seamless integration of content and commerce in the customer journey enables you to improve the customer experience and generate more sales revenue.

Drupal Commerce offers many advantages:

  • With Drupal Commerce, shop features and product management can be implemented directly in the CMS.

  • Drupal Commerce offers a host of configuration options. This enables our development team to optimally implement your company’s and the market’s requirements.

  • The numerous Drupal Commerce modules help you meet the high shopping demands of your customers.

  • Drupal Commerce is also highly flexible and integrates smoothly with third-party systems.

  • With its Drupal 9 integration, Drupal Commerce creates a seamless shopping experience.


Andreas FrickAugust 2019

Headless Commerce – Moving Towards Better Service

How does headless apply in the e-commerce sector? In this article we'll have a closer look at the advantages of a headless approach for digital commerce projects.

Headless Commerce – Moving Towards Better Service

Editorial Experience in Drupal

Our experts are involved in the Drupal community, helping with the modernisation of the user interface for editors. We have a finger on the pulse of these developments, which means you always profit from the latest optimisations in this field.

Create dynamic layouts based on modular content elements and use the integrated preview function to view the changes before publishing. Use flexible workflows to map your publication processes and create high-quality content for your customers.

How We Work With Drupal

At Unic, your project will be implemented by an experienced, well-trained, cross-disciplinary team. Our experts will implement your requirements professionally and sustainably. Close collaboration and open communication are a key part of our work ethic.

We have high quality standards: Design, development and operation are always aligned with current and future demands.

Your Benefits With Drupal

  • Security – A dedicated Drupal community ensures that security updates are made available for Drupal's open source code as you go. I this way, safety gaps can be quickly closed.

  • Open architecture – With its open architecture, Drupal facilitates the integration of a wide range of tools, including the integration into CRM systems.

  • Flexibility – Because the source code of Drupal is open, anyone can modify and customise it for their purposes. So parts of the source code can be copied or completely exchanged according to your needs.

  • No license fees – At Drupal you do not pay any license fees.

These customers rely on us with their Drupal-projects

Logo GraubündenLogo Graubünden
Logo SaprosLogo Sapros
Logo Dr. Bähler Dropa AGLogo Dr. Bähler Dropa AG
Logo ProviandeLogo Proviande
Logo Schulthess KlinikLogo Schulthess Klinik
Logo cashgateLogo cashgate
Logo Olma Messen St. GallenLogo Olma Messen St. Gallen

We Are an Award-Winning Drupal Association Member

Drupal Association Supporting Partner

As part of the international open source community, Unic is committed to the further development of Drupal 8. We give lectures, organize regional Drupal Meetups and participate in the global DrupalCon. We also contribute to Drupal Core and Contrib modules and actively participate in the Drupal Core Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation Initiative. Unic is part of the co-organization of Drupal initiatives in Switzerland and globally.

Splash Awards

Since 2019 the best Drupal projects in Switzerland are being honoured at the Splash Awards by an independent jury. 2020 we won 1x Gold with Suva Sapros and 1x Silver with salz.ch. Our Drupal projects viollier.ch, Schulthess Clinic and cashgate.ch won 1x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze and, as the crowning achievement, second place in the «Project of the Year» at the Splash Awards 2019.

Unic has proved itself a skilled and invaluable partner during this project, providing years of experience in building digital experience platforms in the tourism sector and bringing a wide range of expertise to the table.

-- Stephanie Gramm
Head of Digital Marketing, Graubünden Ferien

A selection of our Drupal projects

Screenshot Tablet with www.graubuenden.ch opened

Graubünden Ferien

Digitalisation Meets That Holiday Feeling

The new website is a prime example of how tourism can be digitalised. The focus is on innovation, an appealing design and user-friendliness.

Digitalisation Meets That Holiday Feeling

Suva Sapros

From the Hazard to the Product

Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, launched sapros.ch, a multi-vendor market place for safety products. The goals of the relaunch were to safely guide buyers to the right product, and to reduce the time required to enter product details.

From the Hazard to the Product
Screenshot Tablet with baehlerdropa.ch opened

Dr. Bähler Dropa

Commitment to Your Health

The new website of Dr. Bähler Dropa AG enables easy access to service and health information. It also connects the physical stores to the digital world. During the relaunch, the entire customer loyalty program was digitalized as well.

Commitment to Your Health
Screenshot Tablet with www.proviande.ch opened

Proviande Genossenschaft

It’s All About the Little Things

Schweizerfleisch.ch takes the marketing communications that were previously spread and bundles them all into one digital platform. Their goal is to use relevant and interesting content to convey the message of “the little things”.

It’s All About the Little Things
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with www.schulthess-klinik.ch opened

Schulthess Clinic

Leading in orthopaedics and ux

The Schulthess Clinic underwent a complete renewal of its digital presence by implementing a new branding and an improved user experience. With the new, responsive website, the clinic is improving the user experience of patients and referring physicians.

Leading in orthopaedics and ux

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