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SCHULTHESS CLINIC Leading in orthopaedics and UX

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The Schulthess Clinic is one of the leading orthopaedic clinics in Europe. In late 2018 the clinic underwent a complete renewal of its digital presence by implementing a new branding and an improved user experience. With this new digital strategy the Schulthess Clinic is willing to position itself as a clinic of first choice among its primary user groups: patients and referring physicians.

Unic is responsible for the concept, UX design, digital marketing, SEO, digital analytics, content strategy as well as the hosting. The website was implemented on the Web Content Management System Drupal 8.

Schulthess Clinic
Customer since
Go Live
December 2018
  • 6 months from initial contact to “go live”
  • 14 specialists participating in the project
  • 5 sprints over five months
  • 0 broken bones

Central touchpoint for patients and referring physicians

Both patients and referring physicians should be accompanied in a consistent manner concerning their task-related questions within the treatment process throughout their customer journey. Therefore, the new digital strategy supports both of these user groups by providing an appropriate mix of digital services across multiple phases. Thereby, the responsive website acts as the central touchpoint for the clinic’s digitally accessible service offer – no matter if a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone is used.

Better user orientation thanks to plain navigation

The information architecture and the navigation concept correspond to the various needs of the main user group patients and referring physicians. The modern responsive design and the usability-oriented navigation support the user groups on the website in an intuitive and straightforward manner. Thanks to clear structures, the provided information is easily accessible for its user.

Shortest path for referring physicians

Over the long term, referring physicians should especially become digitally connected partners within the treatment process. This shift is achieved by creating clear dedicated access points and digital services such as the referral form. And the best: Only two clicks are needed! Designed in the sense of a minimum viable product, this form can be prospectively extended to a "referring physicians wizard".

New corporate design guarantees recognition

The digital presence can be noticed in the new look and feel based on the new corporate design: with a concise logo, a new colour scheme and fonts as well as an appealing imagery. It is implemented consistently across all resources and guarantees recognition in both offline and online channels.

Emphasis on data security

The website was devised in compliance with the developments regarding data protection. Therefore, the popular HIN (Health Info Net Standard e-mail) was applied in the area of digital data transmission. It will also be possible to adapt the electronic patient dossier (EPD) in the future. The website is hosted by Unic in accordance with ISO-27001 security standard and is operated in an own data centre.

The new website allows us to offer our patients and referring physicians a transparent and easy access to the clinic. The digital presence reflects the fundamental values of the Schulthess Klinik: top medicine, innovation and humanity.

Digital Analytics

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