SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud is one of the leading software solutions for contextual marketing worldwide and is part of the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio. Work with personalised customer interactions – company-wide and in real-time.

The following features are included in the Marketing Cloud:

  • Creation of dynamic customer profiles

  • Workflow management for campaigns and publications

  • Publishing via various channels including scheduling and cost planning

  • Personalised messages to customers at various touchpoints

  • Success tracking and analysis solutions

The SAP Marketing Cloud creates informative and dynamic customer profiles. These contain all relevant information for customised communication with target groups – across all channels.

The Top 5 Benefits of the SAP Marketing Cloud at a Glance

  • Profiling and segmentation: Addressing your target group correctly is the foundation of a successful campaign. Create buyer personas and use the modular rights and customer consent management to build trust. Harness features such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand your customers’ behaviour and desires and to conduct fine-tuned segmentation.

  • Target groups and processes: Make communication and cross-channel interaction as dynamic as the customer expects it to be. Using the HANA database technology, large amounts of data can be segmented in real-time so the target group for your next campaign can be defined swiftly and efficiently.

  • Campaign automation: Plan campaigns together and work together across teams. Create more transparency for your teams by providing access to campaign, budget and performance data. The SAP Marketing Cloud helps you coordinate activities in good time and publish the required content automatically via the various output channels.

  • Effective coordination between sales and marketing: The integrated scheduling tool helps you work your leads. The focus is on providing excellent assistance to your customers. The sales team can access well-structured and valuable marketing information. Develop a smart sales approach and create an understanding of performance, budget and ROI in the sales and marketing teams.

  • Sound analysis for your decision-making processes: Data analysis in real-time. React to new customer demands or current developments in the market. Visualisation of analysis data, a configurable dashboard and the output of various reports will support you in your daily work. Make sound decisions based on reliable business intelligence information.

Download our Whitepaper «SAP Commerce» for free now!

Selected topics of the Whitepaper

  • The "business benefits" of an integrated digital solution for customer interactions, sales processes and after-sales

  • Classification of selected SAP applications in the sales-side business processes (from Suggest to Lead and Order to Cash)

  • Consideration of E-Commerce scenarios of different industries and corresponding solution requirements (e.g. for Automotive, manufacturer B2B, Wholesale and Retail)

  • Overview of synchronous and asynchronous integration scenarios of SAP Commerce in the surrounding systems

  • Concrete solutions for the handling of customer data, product information, prices, availability, quota management and other topics.

  • Architecture scenarios for the integration of SAP Commerce with SAP CPI (Cloud) and SAP PI/PO

The whitepaper is only in german only.

More about «SAP Commerce Cloud»? Read our whitepaper.

We are SAP Experts

  • Long-standing experience: For 18 years we have been designing, developing and migrating Hybris and SAP applications and platforms for our customers.

  • Certified employees: Our SAP Cloud teams consist of more than 50 certified experts in Zurich, Karlsruhe and Wrocław.

  • We are a “SAP Gold Partner”: This status is awarded to companies for their competency and strategic alignment. They perform at a high level across their entire business and illustrate a strong commitment to delivering business value to SAP customers.

  • Integration experts: We can connect your system landscapes to the SAP Marketing Cloud via in-house solutions. Our experts are also very experienced in connecting a range of systems.

  • Network of experts: We work closely with SAP experts and select SAP service providers for the integration of additional SAP products.

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