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Adobe Analytics – analytics solution for marketing professionals

As a highly customisable solution, Adobe Analytics is particularly suitable for companies that want to expand and strengthen their online channel.

Adobe Analytics is the leading enterprise solution in the analytics market: Highly customisable and connectable to countless other online marketing tools, it provides the foundation for comprehensive online marketing reporting across all channels.

Adobe Analytics at a glance

Like other Analytics tools, Adobe Analytics measures key figures such as visits, page views, or visitors. In addition, the solution offers much more functionalities. That's why we recommend Adobe Analytics, especially to companies that want to expand their online channels and analyse them in a comprehensive manner.

Adobe Analytics offers:

Regardless of size - Whether multinational enterprise or a national SME: Adobe Analytics supports multiple currencies, allows cumulative merging of several report suites in a "rollup" suite and provides access to a data warehouse.

Reliable conversion tracking - Adobe Analytics provides detailed product performance reports and makes it possible to enrich product features with information from the backend.

Robust marketing campaign tracking - Combine Adobe Analytics with data from third-party systems, such as product data or campaign costs, and gain comprehensive insights.

Predefined interfaces - For many third-party marketing tools, there are predefined interfaces (especially Adobe Marketing Cloud) which can be activated with just a few clicks.

Strong visualisation possibilities - Dashboards and reports are highly configurable and can be sent "management-ready" in a variety of ways.

Your advantages

Customised - With Adobe Analytics, you have a solution that is specifically tailored to your needs, because the entire reporting can be customized from A to Z.

Centralised online reporting platform - Bundle all your online data in one place: By integrating third-party systems, Adobe Analytics can be used as a central online reporting platform.

Targeted evaluations - Use Adobe Analytics to provide dedicated insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns and products in the online store.

Management-ready reports - You do not need any additional reporting tools for sophisticated management reporting, as the dashboard and reporting functions are very versatile.

Efficient operation - The new workspace module allows you to search large data sets quickly.

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