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Dynamic tag management in Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) of Adobe Marketing Cloud is your tool for fast and easy tag management. So you are always up-to-date with the user behaviour of your customers.

The Dynamic Tag Manager is not only available to Adobe Analytics users but to all customers of any Adobe product in the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager at a glance

The DTM works just like other tag management systems: a small code snippet is built into your website. It controls the tags you want to use on your site. Just like in any content management system, you can add, change, and deploy the desired marketing tags on your site - quickly and flexibly. This gives you timely data on the user behaviour of your customers.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager is particularly helpful when you use one or more of the following tools:

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Adobe Media Optimizer
  • Adobe Target
  • Nielsen
  • Google (Universal) Analytics

With just a few mouse clicks the DTM can be easily integrated into these tools. In addition, you can use the DTM to manage your Javascript or image tags.

Would you like to use your tags to carry out A/B-tests? No problem! It is characteristic of the DTM to support synchronous tags. This allows you to run your tags at the same time, and to find out which content of your website works best.

Top 5 benefits of the Dynamic Tag Manager at a glance

  • Good integration: You can easily integrate the DTM into Adobe Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics products
  • Dynamic tag application: You can load your tags synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Transparent publishing process: You can easily track changes to the tags. Earlier versions can also be easily recovered.
  • Good overview: In the difference view, the changes are displayed simply and clearly.
  • Flexible hosting: The library can be hosted by Adobe or on your own server.

Our services

Unic has been a recognised partner of Adobe since 2001, our certified employees have many years of experience in the implementation of tag management systems.

We offer:

  1. Consultation and analysis: We help you define your requirements.
  2. Implementation and training: We develop the integration concept, accompany the implementation and carry out the testing. In order to make the best use of the DTM, we offer training courses for the users.
  3. Optimisation: In addition to your own resources, we offer support in data interpretation. We help you optimise conversion and offer coaching sessions - so that you can successfully anchor the optimisation culture.
  4. Service:After a successful commissioning of the tool, we will gladly accompany you further. 365 days a year, we guarantee operation, hosting and support for your tool. We also offer individual response time arrangements.